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February / March 2016

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I t's February, so it must be Valentine's Day, a great time to fo- cus on romance. And if it's March, it's also a great time to fo- cus on romance, right? It's an ever-popular subject that has inspired millions of songs and an infinite number of acts of cra- ziness dating back to the dawn of our race. Whatever your current relationship status, I think we can all agree that a "good" relationship and mutual love are an earthly delight that may even last beyond life on this planet. Some of you might be thinking: Hey, I'm single. What's in this is- sue for me? The answer is plen- ty: health news (pg. 14), Moby's new vegan restaurant (pg. 18), V-Day travel ideas that are also great for friend or solo outings (pg. 29), reviews (pg. 31), L.A. stories (pg. 10), partner yoga you can do with a friend (pg. 20) and one of my favorite sections of our magazine, BackWords personal essay (think roadkill purses, pg. 42). Plus listings of some of the coolest practi- tioners, products and events in the L.A. area. I know, I know, that already sounds like a full magazine, and now here's the stuff spe- cifically for couples, though if you're single, you may want to pay attention, too, cause that status could change at any moment, especially after you read our features: secrets of finding love online (pg. 23); the benefits of remedial sex (pg. 16); and clues about parental fighting (our parents or our own) and how it affects kids (pg. 26). How can I say with such confidence that single status can change at any moment? Letters like this one from a 99-year-old man give me confidence: Harry and Norma lived a good life for almost 70 years before Norma passed away in 2011. They produced two wonderful daughters and Harry, at 99 years of age, has five grandchildren and six great grandchildren. [Now] Harry was 96 and very lonely. He lived alone and every morning would take a walk from the front of the hotel where he lived to a nearby bench. On June 9, 2012, an attractive 90+-year-old widow with chil- dren and grandchildren of her own sat down next to him. They chatted and then Harry asked if she played bridge. She said yes, so he asked for her phone number so he could call her to "fill in." For at least a week, Harry couldn't get her out of his mind. At 3am one morning he wrote her a note explaining how lone- ly he felt and expressed his de- sire to establish a relationship with her. He ended by asking her to call him if she was inter- ested in getting together. That afternoon Pearl called and in- vited him to eat dinner with her and her friends. Their love affair has lasted more than two years so far and is still going strong. Which just goes to prove that love can happen at any age. So settle in with a cup of tea or glass of kombucha and, if you dare, one of the treats from our almost-sinful raw recipes (pg. 19) for a good, satisfying read. There's something new to learn every day—about yourself and about a partner—so open your heart pathways and send out some love. Right back atcha', from the editor Dear Readers, 6 wholelifetimes.com

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