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QUICK TAKE lackmagic Design's Resolve 12 has a number of great features that make both the colorist's and editor's lives a lot easier and faster for all types of workflows. Conforming and coloring with camera native material is a breeze, without the need to transcode to a universal proxy format first. The conform- ing function of Resolve 12 is great. Avid AAFS and Premiere/FCP XMLs import effortlessly, even bringing over the Pan Scan data from the offline edit. This helps speed up the online process tremendous- ly. Any changes or fixes to the edit after the conform can quickly be resolved using the new trim tools. Resolve 12 has many of the capabilities of a standard NLE as well. With the new audio plug-ins and dynamic trimming functions, you can easily edit your pro- gram right within Resolve itself. Resolve 12 is also scalable, with multiple GPU sup- port. Our 4 Titan-X GPUs can get up to 80fps render speed from full debayered .r3d files. With this enormous processing power we have seen over 100fps render speeds with ProRes4444 source files. Resolve 12 introduces some new color tools that allow for even more precision and control. With the new 3D keyer, you can isolate a range of colors just by drawing a line over the color you want to isolate. You can draw more lines to add or subtract more colors to get an even more precise key than ever before. The Despill option will automatically reduce chro- ma key spill which helps in greenscreen clean up. With a click of a button, power windows can be converted to have Bezier curves allowing for simple shapes to transform into custom shapes to fit your needs. The added 3D tracker improved tracking of power windows with even greater accuracy. Resolve allows for collaborative teamwork with multiple users working on the same project at the same time. This allows a colorist to color images while the editor is in the next room inserting the latest VFX or making changes to the edit with notes from the offline department. Once the editorial changes are done, they are submitted for the colorist to approve and update the timeline. BLACKMAGIC DESIGN DAVINCI RESOLVE 12 GREAT FEATURES OFFER COLORISTS & EDITORS A BOOST TO THEIR WORKFLOWS VITAL STATS MANUFACTURER: Blackmagic Design PRODUCT: DaVinci Resolve 12 PRICE: Free download; DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio with realtime stereoscopic 3D and noise reduction starts at $995 WEBSITE: • Easy conforming and coloring with camera native material • Many capabilities of a standard NLE • Scalable, with multiple GPU support B 46 POST JANUARY 2016 BY MICHAEL JACKS ONLINE EDITOR ILLUMINATE PRODUCTION AND POST PRODUCTION SERVICES STUDIO CITY, CA WWW.ILLUMINATE HOLLYWOOD.COM C M Y CM MY CY CMY K

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