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4  /  the tasting panel  /  january-february 2016 LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER We Proclaim 2016 the YEAR OF THE INNOVATOR Here I am in front of one very innovative restaurant: Saint Marc Pub-Café, Bakery & Cheese Affinage in Huntington Beach, CA. Read about it on the next page. Real time. We text in it, read in it, sell in it. But do we make the right decisions in real time or do we procras- tinate, overthink and sometime lose a connection? We are all passionate about our industry; some of us are business people more than artists and some of us have more creative abilities than business acumen, but the bottom line, is we are living in a world where we rely on information that ultimately influences how we perform in our respective positions. Innovation is a key factor in pushing up through the layers of information to motivate unique ways to communicate about brands, technology and the way we go about our days. Managing data is one of those critical issues that companies need to feel secure about, and we have come across a service that uses the innovations of game theory and gaming design to optimize an ease of use that has not yet—until now—been implemented. Improving performance is something everyone wants to achieve for their business, whether the sub- ject matter is the production of glassware, how sales are trending for a whiskey brand or wine-growing sustainability. And to be able to glean intelligent information readily is a mission that our first innovator of 2016, InsightAction Inc., has accomplished. Inspired by innovators such as InsightAction, we are devoting 2016 to an overriding theme: The Year of the Innovator—and we will be making a lot of noise about our finds. This year, we'll let the light shine on the new trend- setters and the creative go-getters: because there's no time like the present to open the doors for some bright futures. Meridith May Publisher/Editorial Director

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