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Of the five animated features nominated for Golden Globe awards this sea- son, two—Coraline and e Fantastic Mr. Fox—used stop motion, one of the old- est animation techniques. Even so, for Mr. Fox, as with most animated fi lms these days, computer graphics played a role. CG artists working on the fi lm, though, found few similarities to hand-drawn or CG fi lms. "Stop motion is quite strange," says Tim Ledbury, visual eff ects supervisor for Twentieth Century Fox's e Fantastic Mr. Fox. "It's more like making a live-action fi lm than a CG fi lm. As far as I was concerned, the foxes could have been actors. But, it was like live action in slow motion." Animators creating a stop- motion fi lm work one or two frames at a time, moving tiny models into various positions and then fi lming them. January 2010 28 ■ ■ ■ ■ Animation

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