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8 The Costume Designer Fall 2015 CONTRIBUTORS BONNIE NIPAR (Associate Editor and What's On/In) I consider vintage jewelry indispens- able to help make a contemporary char- acter unique. Although I often embrace the delicacy of Victorian filigree or the precision of art deco cut glass, my favorite go-to pieces are British watch fob medals. Made in England from 1880 through 1940, and given for achieve- ment in academics, sports, or business, when placed on a sterling silver chain, they bestow a rocker edge. STACY ELLEN RICH (Co-contributor to BFN) I love Silamide thread! I've used it since being introduced to it in my college's costume shop. This skein is still from my college days. I miss the old Rice's label. I think that is why I stopped using this skein! MARCY FROEHLICH (History of Dress, Text) My Pantone color swatch book. I bought it years ago and am so glad I did. A great resource! I ordered ice-blue ostrich feath- ers from South Africa using the num- bering system, and they arrived in the perfect color. CHRISTINE COVER FERRO (Associate Editor, 3D Printing, Co-contributor to BFN) I can't think of any one tangible thing that has been a constant. In the more abstract, while I'm fairly certain that I've never started out thinking "this character 'has' to be in yellow," an inordinate amount of the color shows up in my palette. I've been fortunate to have trusting actors who were willing to play, from a poisonous chartreuse blouse, to a goldenrod kimono, to a lemon Mod dress. KRISTI HOFFMAN (In My Shoes) At the moment, I find my iPhone, iPad mini, and mophie to be wonderful tools in our craft. ROBIN RICHESSON (History of Dress, Illustration) Whether I am working digitally or with paper and paint, I always seem to start with Clearprint Vellum, a 2B Tombow mono pencil, and a kneaded eraser. Ideas start here, and then go to the scanner or the illustration board. Is there a product you find indispensable?

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