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Fall 2015 The Costume Designer 31 how well the software has been received includes Microsoft's move to embed it into the Windows 10 operating system, Going further into the future, 2D printing giant HP joined the race late last year with the announce- ment that their Multi Jet Fusion printer would be ready in late 2016. The machine's projected speed will be more than 20 times faster that Material Extrusion printers and 12 times faster than Laser Sintering. Early models will work with plastics, but future versions are slated to be compatible with ceramics and metals, and able to change color, texture, transparency, elasticity, and conductivity within the same build. 3D Garments San Francisco-based Electroloom entered the scene in May of this year with a since-funded Kickstarter campaign. Similar to the technology used in electroplating metals, the Electroloom currently creates an electric field to guide a nano- fiber solution onto a template, creating a seamless garment. The template itself is created by the user and can be made of any material, so anything from a quick cutout to an intricate, CAD-drafted vinyl mold will turn out a finished garment. Conductive materials work best, but tests on plastics, wood, and cardboard have been successful. The current fiber solution is a cotton-poly blend that "prints" white and takes dye, and is similar to ultrasuede in texture and drape, with colored versions, along with silk and acrylic blends currently in develop- ment. The way the fibers bond over the template allows them to retain their entire topography, so, for example, a "print" of a garment with sunburst pleats or contours would retain those shapes when taken off the mold. For more detail on new technology, please visit the CDG website. Upcoming Seminars If you want to learn more about how 3D printing can be applied to the Costume Design and build process, as well as speak with some on the vendors mentioned above, please keep an eye out for the upcoming 3D printing seminar and check out the websites below. Photo and jewelry design by Igor Knezevic (Local 800) for

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