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Page 31 of 51 30 POST DECEMBER 2015 ditors are expanding their skill sets as budgets and timelines continue to shrink and the demand for content grows across all platforms. It's an exciting, creative time to be in the industry, but it's not without its pitfalls as companies strive to build robust UHD infrastructures and combat increased in- house competition from clients. DAVID GIOELLA Partner/Creative Director/Editor Northern Lights New York City/ San Francisco Northern Lights is a creative production studio whose recent projects include their fourth consecutive Sunday Night Football open for NBC Sports; Conan "VooDoo" for TBS and spots and content for Marriott Vacation Club's "Make it Happen" campaign. STRENGTHS: "Brands need relevant content and content needs to be con- cepted, produced and edited. There's a high demand for talented artists with a mastery of storytelling genres and distri- bution platforms. We've embraced this need by working with our clients from developing the initial idea to delivering the final product. In fact, all of the spots mentioned here were created by us, from start to finish." WEAKNESSES: "In 2015 networks, agencies and brands have opened more in-house production and post produc- tion divisions. We have to put ourselves in front of the right clients in the right way, so they understand our strengths and capabilities, and we're considered for projects with high creative merit and budgets that justify going to an out-of- house resource." OPPORTUNITIES: "There are storytelling opportunities everywhere, not just in broadcast and on the Web. We've done multi-screen immersive media projects, network up fronts, co-branded cam- paigns and corporate communications projects. Brands recognize the power of creative content, especially as it relates to social media, with the broadcast com- ponent often being secondary. We think strategically about how the final prod- uct can be successful across multiple platforms." THREATS: "The deliverables list for any assignment is long, and the budget often doesn't match up. We're expected to deliver broadcast commercials, Web videos, alternate versions, teasers — all for roughly the same dollar amount as a conventional broadcast campaign. We need to be smart about how we budget and produce projects so we can consistently deliver high-quality content in a way that allows us to be relevant in the marketplace and gain the trust of our clients." OUTLOOK FOR 2016: "At Northern Lights we see a robust 2016. We're excited to be involved with assignments from the initial ideation phase through delivery of the final product. It's easier for our clients to have one consistent point of contact all the way through. It's where we see the industry going." DAVE BRADLEY Senior Editor Alkemy X New York/Philadelphia Alkemy X does commercial editorial and post production, integrated marketing and promotion, production and VFX. Dave Bradley's recent credits include a US Army campaign, a SyFy integrated marketing campaign, SAP content films, Nickelodeon spots, and a Toyota digital campaign. STRENGTHS: "We're not staying in our lanes anymore. Over the past five years post production creatives have recreated themselves and expanded their skill sets. We're exploring more creative options in a time of tightening schedules and challenging budgets. Alkemy X has a business model flexible enough to tackle what's happening today. By packaging production and post under one roof we've been able to keep creative in the forefront and meet the demands of am- bitious schedules." KEEPING UP WITH A CHANGING MARKET EDITORS EXPAND SKILL SETS AS DEMAND FOR CONTENT GROWS OUTLOOK EDITING O E BY CHRISTINE BUNISH There are STORYTELLING OPPORTUNITIES everywhere, not just in broadcast and on the Web." — Gioella Northern Lights' Conan "VooDoo" project for TBS.

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