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December / January 2015

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There was yet another shooting incident as we were going to press with this issue. Once again, innocent people were killed. And for the fi rst time ever, when my family and I went to see the new James Bond movie last night (good fun, by the way, if you can totally suspend your disbelief), I found myself looking around the theatre to see where I might be able to hide if some crazy person suddenly started shooting. I don't think anybody would say that's an irrational thought. Seemingly random violence (although at a Planned Parent- hood clinic it's hardly random) has become so commonplace that someone like me, not a particularly paranoid person, is thinking about it in the normal course of a day. Now that is a crazy situation. You can point to lax gun laws, which certainly should be addressed. But watching the previews before Spectre, it's easy to see we have a culture of glamorized violence. Every single fi lm coming to my six- screen neighborhood theatre in the next few weeks is ac- tion-packed with guns, killing, and humans doing assorted horrible things to each other. (Bond can be pretty drastic at times, but at least he seems to have the welfare of humanity at heart and not only win, but take the high road when possible. Plus… really cool special effects.) This is our Transformation issue. What will it take to transform our culture to one of peace and love, and is that even possible? Or is it human nature that the forces of evil will always rise up, the more "enlightened" we become? It's diffi cult to maintain perspective, especially when so much of the news we get is traumatic. For our part, we will continue to bring you the kind of positive, useful information we've been covering for 38 years, doing our best to be part of the solution. Every issue of WLT has its own personality and path. We choose a theme, but in the same way a jazz musician improvis- es on the basic structure of a tune, the stories in each issue are an improvisation on the chosen theme. Sometimes the shape of the issue is clear early on, but others surprise us in the way they unfold, taking on a life of their own. This is one such is- sue. Of particular interest is that we have three stories that in- volve indigenous cultures: one in California (pg. 12), one in the Pacifi c Northwest (pg. 28), and one rooted in South America (pg. 23). At a time in our history when mass migrations are tak- ing place, it behooves us to ask: How much was the indigenous world of the Americas trans- formed by the arrival of Europe- ans? Many Americans are fearful of immigrants bringing violence or "destroying" our country, but just look at what our Euro- pean ancestors wreaked on the indigenous peoples of North America. At WLT we prefer positive kinds of transformation, of course. Some transformations are as simple (though not easy) as a change in our awareness (pgs. 20 and 26). Some might be career related (pg. 21). And others relate to healing, or our perception of illness (pgs. 23 and 26). As we wrap up 2015 and move forward into a New Year, let us hope that our planetary transformations are for the highest good of all. Have a safe and joyous holiday! from the editor Dear Readers, Improve your well-being 18455 Burbank Blvd., Suite 306 Tarzana CA 91356 818.578.6730 www.vickeryhealth.com Acupuncture has the power to transform your life, helping you achieve physical, emotional & mental balance. Vickery Health & Wellness Dia Vickery, PhD(Theology) Licensed Acupuncturist Certified in Aroma Acupoint™ Therapy Certified in Aroma Acupoint Let me help you: • Discover true balance & joy • Open your heart to love • Clear karmic patterns & past trauma • Live an abundant life Jamile Mafi Certifi ed Energy Practitioner 818-317-3873 Discover true balance & joy Open your heart to love Clear karmic patterns Live an abundant life Certifi ed Energy Practitioner Experience Rapid Transformation with Shamanic Energy Medicine. www.flamingheart.com 6 wholelifetimes.com

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