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I am an AEA member because of all the great opportunities it has given me to further my education as a future educator, and because of all the friends I have made while being apart of it! Stephen Dzienis, student member WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT… Being an AEA Member AEA is a way for teachers' voices to be heard at the legislature. They also work so hard for educators and support staff to have reasonable working conditions. Thanks for all of your hard work AEA. Joan Hughes, Flagstaff EA Simple ... AEA's got your back! Patricia Gramer Roach, Flagstaff EA Because I care for teachers! Jackie O'Bryan McCormick, Deer Valley EA I am a member because I CAN be! Voice, unity, collaboration and support are just a few of the reasons! Cheryl Allen, Madison District EA Safety in numbers! Suzie Rogers, Gilbert EA I believe in a professional association that educators. I love being a teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!! supports education and Theresa Ratti, Mesa EA I am proud to be a teacher!!!! Nancy Taylor-Hushek, Paradise Valley EA I want to help make it better for my son and all of the other future teachers. Carrie Barros, Humboldt EA

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