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A S S O C I AT I O N G OV E R NA N C E 2012 AEA Board of Director Candidates NEA STATE DIRECTOR Jason Freed I ask for your support for State Director to the NEA. You have chosen to elect, and then re-elect me to the position of Alternate Director. When I sought your support, I committed to change the position from a "fill in" job to a training position. I believe that is what has happened. Under the tutelage of Janie Hydrick and Annie Crego, I have had the opportunity to attend NEA Board Meetings, sit in on NEA Fund Meetings and lobby members of the Arizona delegation to the U.S. Congress both at home and in Washington. Janie and Annie have acted as my mentors, and they have trained me well. I also want you to know, that at the current time, the only elected position I hold is NEA Alternate Director. Though I have been active on AEA committees and working on committees and member recruitment in my local, I have chosen to concentrate my energies on my NEA responsibilities. I have fulfilled the promises I made to you when I sought the position of Alternate Director and I now ask that you elect me to the position I have been training for these past 6 years, NEA Director. I appreciate your support, your vote and what you do for our Association. Vote for JASON FREED for NEA Director!! Name: Jason Freed Address: 6430 E Sage Stone St., Tucson, AZ 85756 Work Phone: 520-584-5400 Home Phone: 520-207-7564 Local Association: Tucson EA Education Position: Teacher Years Employed: 12 Subject/Grade Level: 7th-8th grade Mathematics Total Years of Educational Employment: 12 Total Years as AEA Member: 14 As NEA member: 14 Higher Education Degrees Held: Elementary Education Degree, Masters in Educational Leadership Elective positions held: AEA Alternate Director to the NEA Board, 2006-2012 TEA Secretary-Treasurer, 2005-2007 NEA-RA and AEA DA delegate, 2000-2011 Appointive positions held: TEA-TUSD Bargaining Team, 3 years Association liaison to Congressman Raul Grijalva's Campaigns AEA Committees (Finance and Revenue, Compliance Review, Charter School Study Group Non-education positions held: Proud father Coached basketball and soccer Campaign volunteer/activist (Obama, Giffords, Grijalva, Goddard, Kotterman) AEA Advocate ❘ Summer 2012 25 Angela Philpot AEA is at an important crossroads. We need experienced leaders to stimulate significant membership, political and professional gains if we hope to continue to be the prominent voice for education in Arizona. AEA has given so much to me personally and professionally and I would be honored to earn your vote and support as your next NEA Director. I have been preparing for this position for over 10 years through my work as a local association president, a regional director, and a state leader. I am the only candidate with experience as an early childhood educator, an elementary teacher, a high school teacher and a community college faculty member. I can provide the stories from all areas of our profession to share with our elected leaders in Arizona and Washington, D.C. so they can know what each one of us do in the name of public education. I am ready to be your next NEA Director, not from what I have been waiting to do, but from what I have been doing on your behalf for the last 10 years. Please vote for Angela Philpot for NEA Director. Name: Angela Philpot Address: 102 S. 110th Street, Mesa, AZ 85208 Work Phone: 480-982-1110 Local Association: Apache Junction EA Education Position: Teacher Home Phone: 480-984-8758 Years Employed: 11 Subject/Grade Level: 9-12 English/ELL Total Years of Educational Employment: 14 Total Years as AEA Member: 11 As NEA member: 14 Higher Education Degrees Held: Masters of Arts in Bilingual/ ESL Education. Bachelor of Arts in Education Elective positions held: Apache Junction Education Association President, 2004-2008 AEA Regional Director, Region 8, 2005-2012 Apache Junction Education Association, Secretary, 2002-2004 Appointive positions held: AEA Ethnic Minority Task Force Co-Chair, 2010-2012 AEA Instruction and Professional Development Task Force, 2004-2005 AEA Executive Director Search Committee, 2005-2006 Non-education positions held: SBMII HOA Vice President, 2006-2008 SBMII HOA Secretary, 2008-2010 SMBII HOA Treasurer, 2004-2006

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