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Announcing The Quality Education and Jobs Act Dear AEA Members and Leaders, I have great news to report. A parent-led citizen coalition of educators, students, business leaders, and public education supporters has launched a campaign to pass The Quality Education and Jobs Act on the November 2012 ballot. This citizen initiative will qualify for the ballot as soon as the required signatures are collected. The ballot initiative will strengthen the state's recovering economy and help public school children statewide. Voters will be asked to renew the one-cent sales tax to provide dedicated statewide education funding tied to performance and accountability for students of all ages. This investment in strong neighborhood schools is key to strong communities and a strong economy because the funds are accountable and targeted to what we know works for students. Unlike Proposition 100, The Quality Education and Jobs Act was written by citizens, not politicians, so these funds will be protected from the legislature. AEA has played an important role in getting this campaign off the ground. For months, I have met with a broad group of citizens to build a consensus and draft the ballot initiative language. I have been able to provide the perspective of our practicing teacher members, ensuring that the language provides practical solutions that will work for public schools, public school employees, and public school children. The AEA Board of Directors confidently voted to endorse this ballot initiative and has allocated funds to help get the campaign started. I will be reaching out to local association presidents for advice about how to support the campaign to qualify and pass this initiative. After several difficult years, we are beginning to see some positive outcomes for our profession and our schools. We won a lawsuit forcing the legislature to return the retirement contribution money they took from you. We worked to re-write HB2823, turning a bill that would have done great damage to teachers and schools into a bill that allows local associations to craft workable solutions for teacher evaluation and performance-based pay reforms. Now, this exciting opportunity awaits us. Public opinion polling shows that a vast majority of Arizonans will support The Quality Education and Jobs Act, as long as they understand it. As a public education supporter, you can help build momentum by making a donation to qualify and pass this initiative. I urge you to get involved in your local association as your leaders organize efforts to seize the opportunities that HB2823 will present and campaign for the passage of The Quality Education and Jobs Act. Thank you, Andrew F. Morrill, President Arizona Education Association For more details, please visit To make a campaign contribution, please visit 12 Summer 2012 ❘ AEA Advocate

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