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Fall / Winter 2015

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1 0 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t t h e c l e v e r r o o t t h e c l e v e r r o o t A MAGAZINE ABOUT "EVERYTHING GOOD THAT GROWS"—that's how The Clever Root was pitched to me and The Ganjier team. From the heart of Humboldt, inside California's Emerald Triangle, it is clear to us why cannabis should be considered alongside all the other good things that grow. Through events like the Golden Tarp Award (a light-deprivation cannabis competition we host) and just by simply being a part of the Humboldt community, we are afforded a rare opportunity to touch more heritage, sungrown cannabis, and its value-added products than most in the world. LETTER FROM THE cannabis editor Not everyone is in such a position. The industry has lived in the shadows for decades by necessity, and most consumers without such hands-on ex- perience do not know what to look for when they are considering which strain to buy and from what farm or dispen- sary. How do you know if it is free of pathogens and pesticides? Was the flower cured properly? When consider- ing hashish and other concentrates, what solvent was used in the extraction process? How does aging affect the flavor and quality of hashish? Cannabis is only "good" if it's grown sustainably and responsibly. That is why we were elated to meet The Clever Root team. We had a common vision to show what connoisseur canna- bis looks and tastes like to an audience that already loves the intricacies of wine grown in their favorite terroir and the delicacies of farm-to-table cuisine. One of the most talked-about images we have ever posted to TheGanjier. com was a picture of a cannabis flower blooming on the plant juxtaposed with a stalk of corn ready for harvest. The headline read: "Corn or Cannabis, We're All Farmers." The concept was not overly complicated but it was impactful because discussing cannabis as agricul- ture is new. In California's capital, legislators joke about the "Weed Fairy"—the end prod- uct became so disassociated over the last decade with how it's produced that cannabis seems to "magically" appear in dispensaries throughout the state. This is not positive for patients interested in clean medicine, and certainly not for a connoisseur market that wants to know where and how their cannabis was grown and who their farmer is. Through our partnership with The Clever Root, we will share what we love about sungrown cannabis, its associ- ated products, and the unique terroirs where the plant is cultivated, along with highlighting the people who con- sider themselves stewards of the plant and the land on which it is grown. — Allison Edrington Cannabis Editor ■cr C M Y CM MY CY CMY K JEREMY BALL

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