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October 2015

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Sofia Present Bartender, Middle Branch, New York, New York 2 Years at Runamok Counselor What we do every day as a bartender: I'm creating experi- ences for other people. To get to be part of an experi- ence, to be on the receiving end of that, you get to learn a little bit more about yourself and how to be a guest, seeing it from their point of view. It makes you a better bartender. Robin Goodfellow Owner, Bar Raval, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2 years at Runamok Camper My cabin won the session because we basically treated camp like it was our bar, brought cleaning supplies everywhere, ate last and gave women our seats. We wanted to show our level of dedication, that you can be a bartender and be behind the bar as a profes- sional, and still have fun. Stefan Huebner Bar Manager, Heist Brewery, Charlotte, North Carolina 2 Years at Runamok A-Team Basically we set up the events, we were the labor force. They'd go to what- ever distillery and the A-Team would go and sit on the dock with a guy like Dave Pickerell, Master Distiller of Hillrock and WhistlePig, and he'd pull some rare whiskey out of his trunk and we'd talk about it. It was a way more intimate experience. Jenn Tosatto Head Bartender, The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange, Kansas City, Missouri 4 Years at Runamok Counselor I think that first year we all knew we'd stumbled upon something special. So many jokes happen still from that first year even. They're like folk tales passed down from one session to another. Erik Trickett Bartender, Holiday Cocktail Lounge, New York, New York 4 Years at Runamok Head Counselor It's a great place to develop mentor- ships. The guys I met my first year I adore. And in some respects, I've attempted to pattern who I am as a bartender and person after those guys. They're guys I talk to all the time and all of that is because we hung out a bunch at Camp the first year. Jared Schubert Partner, Lip Service Beverage Solutions, Louisville, Kentucky 4 Years at Runamok Co-Founder If we're a community of bartenders, Camp Runamok is our physical commune. I call it a fram- ily—friends who are families. This is why Camp exists. Your cabin mates eventu- ally become the people you invite to your wedding. Jimmy Palumbo Bartender, The Up & Up, New York, New York 2 Years at Runamok Camper The first year it blew me away how fast everyone was just immediately friends. Next thing you know you have 30 different cities organizing for a cause. It's one of the main gifts Runamok gives. It solidifies our community in such a real way across borders. To put all that positive energy in one place, it's intoxicating. Bob Wagner Bartender, Seamstress, New York, New York 1 Year at Runamok Camper As a whole I came back so much more informed about whiskey production in Kentucky. But also just completely engaged with so many bartenders around the country, and really excited to share what I'd learned with my guests, and with coworkers. Camp's inspirational. Larry Mudd Townley General Manager, Dave's Pub, Birmingham, Alabama 2 years at Runamok Counselor One of the best things about camp is letting new campers see the better side of spirits. We had a chance to sit down with Bill Samuels [recently retired President of Maker's Mark] in this intimate setting, talking about his first drink of whiskey and driving Colonel Sanders around when he was young. That was a sort of bucket list moment for me. For information on next year's applications, keep an eye on Camp Runamok's Facebook page.

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