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October / November 2015

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{ }  51 { austria } Let's start with some subjective impressions: The wines of Domäne Wachau offer extraordinary brightness in their youth. Bursting with firm angular flavors that bump and jostle in a delightful—no, playful—romp across the palate. In early maturity they integrate into a chamber symphony in which the instruments can be clearly identified within the piece but the sum is even greater than the parts. Then with full maturity, the sheer hedonistic pleasure of great and exotic beauty takes control. Not skin-deep beauty but the beauty, grace and qualities of greatness. Flavors so silky and vibrant, so racy and erotic that dissection and analysis fails and we are purely smitten. Winemaker Heinz Frischengruber (left) and Managing Director Roman Horvath (right) at the Domäne Wachau winery. AT THE CROSSROADS OF History PHOTO COURTESY OF DOMÄNE WACHAU PHOTO COURTESY OF DOMÄNE WACHAU THE STELLAR WINES OF DOMÄNE WACHAU EXEMPLIFY AUSTRIA'S HISTORIC WACHAU REGION by Dan Vogel, CWS, CMS, Certified Sommelier Autumn in full swing in the Domäne Wachau vineyards.

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