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October / November 2015

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128 { THE SOMM JOURNAL } OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015 { austria } Journaling along the Danube by Noah Singerman Head Sommelier at Saxon + Parole in New York City I RECENTLY JOINED IMPORTER AI SELECTIONS AND A GROUP OF urban American sommeliers on a trip to Austria. Austria has been growing grapes and making wine for thousands of years. But now there is a younger movement of winemakers, championing the country's indigenous grapes. Through innovative organic processes, Austrian winemakers are showing the world that they belong on stage with the other major wine regions of the world. My traveling companions to Austria were New York somms Natalie Grindstaff of Craft, Louis Fabbrini of Santina, Kimberly Cavoores from Café d'Alsace and Marseille, and Kimmy Wade from Son of a Gun in Los Angeles. Our trip was led by Volker Donabaum, Austrian Portfolio Manager for AI Selections and a native of the Wachau region whose family is heavily involved in the wine industry. (Volker thinks his last name might be related to the Danube River—Donau in German.) Our other guide was James Endicott, a bi-coastal wine salesman. Here are some highlights from my wine journal during the trip. Somms on the Danube (left to right): Kimberly Cavoores of Café d'Alsace and Marseille (NYC), guide Volker Donabaum, Kimmy Wade from Son of a Gun (Los Angeles), Natalie Grindstaff of Craft (NYC), James Endicott of AI Selections, author Noah Singerman of Saxon + Parole (NYC) and Louis Fabbrini of Santina (NYC). AN AMERICAN SOMM VISITS AUSTRIAN WINE COUNTRY Martin Mutenthaler's vineyards of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. PHOTO: VOLKER DONABAUM PHOTO: VOLKER DONABAUM

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