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our inbox LETTERS NONTOXIC SUNSCREEN I developed a horrible allergic reaction to sunscreens. (newsletter, "DIY Sunscreen with No Toxic Chemicals," 8/1). It's taken over a year to resolve. I did a little research on the Internet and found it's stupid easy to make sunscreen. Use coconut oil—has about an SPF of 4, add carrot seed oil, mix with a little melted beeswax. In fact, you can buy zinc oxide online and add it to your favorite lotion. Just wear a mask so you don't inhale the powder. —Queen Boudicca, via post WHY WE GET CANCER As an RN, massage therapist, yoga teacher and reiki master who is under hospice care for stage 4 breast cancer, I really appreciated your article: "Why We Get Cancer" (August/ September 2015). There is certainly an energetic part to all disease in the body, but we are also daily bombarded with heavy metals, which played a large role in my present state of ill health. I personally have been frustrated with myself because of the "cancer comes from anger" adage, often questioning, why, with all of my experience in medical and complementary healing practices, can I not heal myself? Heavy metals affect your brain and emotions, so perhaps there is more of a physiological aspect to it. In gratitude for this compassionate article, —Michele Monk, via email Recently I gave a current copy of the Whole Life Times to my friend who is very ill with cancer. She often wondered what in her lifestyle or attitude allowed this disease to grow in her body. After reading the article by Anne Stockwell entitled, "Who Gets Cancer and Why" she remarked, "I love the Whole Life Times!" The "decoding" from Marianne Williamson helped clarify some questions and impart some comfort. Thank you for including this story. It appeared at just the right time for her. —P.B., via email Discussion / Book Signing Wednesday, October 14th, 7PM Third Street Promenade 1201 Third Street Santa Monica (310) 260-9110 This guide shares advice and strategies on making informed decisions about healthcare for you and your family. Get more info and get to know your favorite writers at BN.COM/events All events subject to change, so please contact the store to confirm. T:9.75 in T:3.6 in october/november 2015 9

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