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AEA Advocate | Fall 2015 5 MEMbER TALK V O I c E Y O u R V I E W S MEMbER TALK MEMbER TALK MEMbER TALK MEMBERS SOUND OFF ON GOVERNOR'S EDUCATION FUNDING PLAN In May, Governor Doug Ducey released his proposal to use state trust land for education funding in a ballot initiative. While educators appreciated that our governor recognizes the need for more funding, many members contacted AEA about the need for the state to settle the infl ation lawsuit and get money into our schools now. SUGGESTIONS FOR SUPERINTENDENT'S TITLE 15 WORKING GROUP superintendent Diane Douglas has convened a group of parents, community members, and educators to review statute and propose legislation to deregulate public education laws. Below are some suggestions from members. The 4hr ELD block has got to go!! There are few to none at all as far as student models of English. If you place all the spanish speakers in one classroom it just strengthens their spanish. These ELD students need to be placed with students that speak English. I had more students test out of ELD when the classes are mixed. That's something that I would like to see happen - no more 4hr ELD block!! Nichole Dirks Roosevelt EA member If charters are considered to be "public" schools, they should operate under exactly the same rules as traditional "public" schools. Larry Wittig AEA Retired member The sale of state trust land should be in addition to the funding that was agreed to by the voters a few years ago. Why would anyone believe that the Gov. is telling the truth? The voters could agree to this ballot initiative, and the state legislature could use the money to balance the budget. That's what got us into this mess in the fi rst place. I think the AEA should put pressure on the Court, to hold the Governor in contempt. No other citizen would be allowed to simply ignore a court order without any consequence. danita heller Amphitheater EA member We cannot wait two years for everything to fall into place. sharon greenen Glendale Elementary EA member How about the 300 million he owes the students of Arizona now!!!!! John Frontone AEA Retired member Call the governor out! Demand that he follow the court order and don't stand for less. luci Messing AEA Retired member Perhaps Governor Ducey needs a civics lesson about the rule of law and court cases. If young people observe his neglect of law and court cases, is there any reason they shouldn't surmise that law and court cases don't need to be followed... don Perkins Retired American Government Teacher Write us! Readers are encouraged to state opinions or make comments in letters that will be considered for publication in this column. The editor reserves the right to edit lengthy letters representing a balance of viewpoints. Generally, letters will not be published without the names of their writers and local associations. send letters to: "Member Talk," AEA Advocate, 345 East Palm Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85004. Email: n

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