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AEA Advocate | Fall 2015 21 Of those public school employees who are NOT AEA members, only voted in 2014. 58.9% This is Your AEA AEA Members Vote —Source: Arizona Wins About Our Students Our students can't vote, but we can vote in their interest. Politicians determine school funding levels, testing requirements, and more. About Our Community Our students and our schools are part of a community and it is our civic responsibility to participate in elections to ensure our voice is counted as decisions are made that impact our neighborhoods and communities. About Our Schools Bond and override elections must be passed to build new schools and keep class sizes as low as possible. Voters determine these ballot issues with a Yes or No vote. About Our Profession Politicians have a hand in almost every aspect of our profession: professional standards, how we are hired, how we are fired, what we teach, how we teach, our pensions and our salaries. JOIN US! Be part of a strong, civic-minded, and active membership to make a difference for our students, our schools, our communities and our profession. Join online at Register to Vote Register online at Sign up on the Permanent Early Voter List Be sure to check the first box on the form to receive a ballot mailed to your home for every election. Update Your Current Registration Many voters have moved or changed their name but not updated their voter registration. Play it safe and check your registration at service to ensure information is current. Enroll as an AEA Member AEA members are informed, organized, and engaged. Through membership, AEA members have a collective impact on elections. By joining, our voice is stronger. 78.7% of Arizona Education Association members VOTED in the 2014 election. Did you know? 31% higher than the statewide turnout rate of 47.5% for all voters.

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