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DEPARTMENT 20 POST AUGUST 2015 in Emmy's "Outstanding Structured Reality Program" category. The show is produced and posted by Denver's Citizen Pictures. "There isn't any single piece or part of this show that is produced out of the Citizen umbrella," says executive pro- ducer, Kat Higgins. The show is shot in 2K at 24p using Panasonic, Canon and GoPro cameras. Post is performed us- ing Apple's Final Cut Pro 7, Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Avid's Pro Tools. For all the details, check out Post's "Reality TV" feature in the February issue, or visit BBC AMERICA'S ORPHAN BLACK Post has called out BBC America's popular sci-fi clone drama before and we'll do it again here — now that series star Tatiana Maslany has received recognition from the Academy as "Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series." Maslany, who plays Orphan Black's central character Sarah Manning, along with clones Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel and Krystal (often within the same scenes), does so convincingly well, though she does require assistance from cast and crew to pull these com- plicated and well-plotted scenes out. "People want to know, 'How are the clone scenes done?'" says show editor, D. Gillian Truster. "They definitely add an additional complication to the ed- iting process. We've seen twinning in shows before, but what Orphan Black is doing is a very complex version of that. [The clones] interact with each other as if they are separate people." Nothing that good editing, visual effects (Intelligent Creatures) and strong acting can't handle. Read more about the show's cloning in our September 2014 and April 2015 issues, or visit us at FX'S AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW FX's American Horror Story: Freak Show was second only to HBO's Game of Thrones in terms of Emmy nominations. The show received 19 nominations for Season 4's Freak Show, including Outstanding "Cinematography," "Title Design," "Directing," "Music Composition," "Sound Editing," "Sound Mixing" and "Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role." FuseFX has been working on the show since Season 1, and this year had to create Sarah Paulson's two-headed character Bette & Dot, the missing legs for Jessica Lange's Elsa Mars character, and the shot- gun-ravaged face of Twisty the clown. The show has been acquired on film since it premiered, and FuseFX relies on 3DS Max and Nuke for most of its VFX work. A full report appeared in Post's December 2014 issue. AMC'S MAD MEN AMC's Mad Men is one of this year's top shows, with 11 Emmy nomi- nations, including recognition for "Single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series." Blake McCormick, pro- ducer in charge of post production, says the show is shot on Arri's Alexa and edited in Avid's Media Composer. "The camera doesn't move very much," he notes. Instead, editors use split-screen and fluid-morph tech- niques. "One of our editors coined the term, 'splorphs,' which is a split screen and a fluid morph," he adds. "I think it's kind of ironic that, to have such an old fashioned style of editing, we have to use the latest technology." McCormick's full interview appears in Post's May issue. ABC's MODERN FAMILY Modern Family seems to have taken up permanent residency on the Television Academy's Emmy nominations list. The ABC comedy has already been recog- nized for and won a slew of Awards, in- cluding "Outstanding Comedy Series." This year, among other acknowl- edgements, the series' "Connection Lost" episode (which took place entirely over various social media de- vices) is recognized for "Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation." According to episode editor Tony Orcena, "It was definitely a different way to tell a story that a lot of people hadn't done before — certainly we hadn't done. There are other examples out there, some short films and commercials that have used that format, but in the [structure] of a half hour television program, no one has done that. I think it succeeded as really unique." Check out Post's full interview with Orcena online at Orphan Black's lead actress/Emmy nominee Tatiana Maslany helps sell the show's "clone" concept. American Horror Story received 19 nominations, including recognition for FuseFX's VFX work. The Avid-cut Mad Men is up for 11 Awards, including "Single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series." Modern Family's "Connection Lost" episode is entirely on social media.

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