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cgw j u ly . a u g u s t 2 0 1 5 5 S P O T L I G H T HP 'SPROUTS' IMMERSION As the first fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution, Sprout by HP provides users a quick and afford- able way to create 3D content. The solution consists of Sprout, with its Intel Real Sense 3D camer- as, the proprietary HP 3D Capture Stage, and unique 3D capture soware, which, together, enables users to easily capture an object in 3D that can then be further modified, shared, and printed. The 3D Capture Stage accessory is a turntable that serves as a platform for the objects being scanned. It automatically tilts 15 de- grees while turning, to ensure all aspects of the object are captured. The new 3D Capture application works with Sprout's technology to create a full-3D digital model that can be manipulated. 3D Capture is being introduced as a free upgrade to the current 3D Snapshot soware, which captures one side of the object. Sprout is available now. The scanning soware upgrade is free and will be part of the automated system soware update starting in July. The 3D Capture Stage accessory will be available starting in July for $299. HAVOK FX FOCUSED AT PARTICLE LEVEL Havok is offering Havok FX, new CPU-driven soware that will deliver higher levels of detail and physics to particle effects. The result of extensive research into massive-scale, high-per- formance physics simulation, Havok FX allows developers to physically enable particle systems and to add a new gameplay dimension to previously aesthetic visual effects. Through its focus on CPU processing, Havok FX offers a lightweight, cross-platform solution to creating dynamic and persistent particle effects across all next-gen platforms and PCs. Shrapnel, dust, goo, debris, and smoke will interact with both the player and the environment, increasing the fidelity of the game world delivering gameplay- altering effects. COMPUTER ART SVA COMPUTER ART Computer Animation and Visual Effects

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