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54 { THE SOMM JOURNAL } AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2015 { cover story } As growers and vintners develop a deeper understanding of terroir in each of Paso Robles's new AVAs, the region's potential for world-class Cabernet and Bordeaux varietals is being realized. "The best is yet to come," says Daniel Daou. "Stay tuned." L ike any time-honored tradition, winemaking was always considered more of an art than a science, governed by instincts honed over many years in the vineyard and by dutiful adherence to longstanding practices. What to plant, where to plant, how much canopy to remove, the ideal moment to harvest, what to blend, how long to age—during much of our long history of winemaking, all of these decisions were made through a mix of hunches, received knowledge and empiricism. But gradually, science has brought changes to the winemaker's world, and one area of analysis—phenolics—seems poised to revolutionize the way red wine is made, thanks to technological advances that make the process timelier and less cumbersome. At its recent CABs of Distinction annual event in early May, the Paso Robles CAB (Cabernet and Bordeaux) Collective hosted a panel discussion on phenolic analysis that was a revelation to many of the sommeliers, wine retailers and other industry professionals who attended. "The thing about Paso that's challenging [for winemakers] is that there's an ele - ment of surprise here because of the newness of the region, and I think as we get more familiar with its character it will be a very different place ten years from Where Art Meets Science Proves Paso Robles's Bordeaux Potential Phenolic Analysis by Paul Hodgins / photos by Doug Young

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