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Your plate may be full, but what about your wallet? You already take a plateful of vitamins and supplements. Maybe it's time to start funding your health habit. My name is Marj and I can help you start your home-based nutrition business with an inter- national company for $25. Call me for a free CD: "Dead Doctors Don't Lie." 888.311.4311 I f any part of the human experience is fertile ground for lifelong learning, it is within the evolution of our erotic souls. Replacing our fears and judgments about our sexuality begins with our willingness to focus attention on what we don't know, and become curious learners. Sadly, most people were not only deprived of sexual education in their youth, but have carried the ignorance-is- bliss thing way too long into adulthood. When it comes to cultivating and sustaining a passionate erotic life, persisting in not knowing may well be the kiss of death. Often what we don't know about is shrouded with fear, which can easily turn sexual encounters into regretful decisions with risky consequences. Consequently, three of the most powerful predictors of an evolving and passionate erotic life include cultivating a natural curiosity about your sexual self, opening to the vast expanse of sexual experiences that live inside of you and discerning true sex education from sexual entertainment. Curiosity is curative—a natural and beguiling capacity that defi nes our humanity through its urge to understand, explore SEX TALK continued on page 14 healthy living By Wendy Strgar Replacing judgments with questions expands capacity for pleasure GREAT SEX STARTS WITH BEING A CURIOUS LEARNER august/september 2015 13

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