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Page 3 of 51 2 POST JULY 2015 SEE US ON EDITORIAL MARC LOFTUS Senior Editor/Director of Web Content 516.376.1087 LINDA ROMANELLO Managing Editor 516.931.0730 CHRISTINE BUNISH Film & Video IAIN BLAIR Film JENNIFER WALDEN Audio MICHELLE VILLAS Art Director ADVERTISING MARI KOHN Director of Sales 818.291.1153 cell 818.472.1491 GARY RHODES Eastern & Intl Sales Manager 631.274-9530 cell 516.410.8638 LISA NEELY Corporate Sales Executive, Events, Custom and Integrated Print/Publishing Services 818.660.5828 SUBSCRIPTIONS 818.291.1158 CUSTOMER SERVICE 620 West Elk Ave, Glendale, CA 91204 800.280.6446 DALE ESCEN Account Manager 818.291.1122 REPRINTS 781.255.0625 • 818.291.1153 LA SALES OFFICE: 620 West Elk Avenue, Glendale, California 91204 800.280.6446 WILLIAM R. RITTWAGE President / CEO THE SMALL POST HOUSE WORKING REMOTELY his month, several pros provide insight into the business of running a Small Post House (page 34). It's not just competition from other facilities — large and small — but attracting and keeping tal- ent that adds to the challenge of maintain- ing a successful operation. Post recently visited audio post house Sonic Union in NYC. Managing director Adam Barone says the studio receives resumes from mixers looking for work liter- ally every day. The studio only has six mix positions and they tend to be occupied by long-time talent. But the facility is home to 18 other positions, and filling those — front desk, scheduling, assistants, client services, etc. — can be a real challenge. He's taken any number of steps to fill those equal- ly-important roles. Will Gadea describes his Manhat- tan-based Idea Rocket as a "concept- to-delivery house." Part of his recruiting effort includes offering talent an equity stake in the studio right off the bat. "It's for everyone," he says of the employee-own- ership opportunity. "The idea is that over 10 to 15 years, I will be giving away one- third of the company to employees. Then, in the next 15 years during my retirement, hopefully the company will be buying off my shares so it would be a completely employee-owned company." The concept benefits employees and gives Gadea his own exit strategy. "In our business, and in the creative services busi- ness, often times, these companies are hard to sell because nobody knows, when the key creative exits, how much value is left?" Gadea adds that it also aligns employee behavior closer to his own interests. "If there are things that can be done more efficiently, they have an interest in bringing that about because it's going to reflect on their profit sharing at the end of the year…I think it's a great recruiting tool. When you are doing creative work, you want to have a feeling of ownership — like you help control the means of production — that you have a little slice of the pie. You put your own soul into the work." n this issue, Post writer Christine Bunish speaks with post executives about the ways in which they work remote- ly/collaboratively, the tools they use, and the advantages it affords in "Posting With- out Boundaries" (page 20). Not a "new" topic, more post professionals are talking about and working in this manner. Cirina Catania, writer, producer, and di- rector of film and television at The Catania Group, who works on projects for clients all over the world, says she relies on Digital Rebellion's Kollaborate workflow efficien- cy tool to help her juggle several projects simultaneously, allowing her to manage deadlines, media as it's being processed, cut and delivered to remote areas of the world and for approvals that need to be managed quickly and efficiently. Last year at SIGGRAPH, I attended a luncheon hosted by Jon Peddie Research (JPR) on "virtualization," which it described as a "rising trend" that "means different things to different people and includes remote access to resources, enabling of thin clients for workstation work, realtime collaboration, and streaming applications." Its panel of industry pros included Dream- Works Animation, ILM, Microsoft Studios, OTOY, and Pixar Animation Studios discuss- ing working remotely and virtualization — not interchangeable, but certainly related. According to Kathleen Maher, VP at JPR and editor-in-chief of its Tech Watch Report, the event was so successful JPR hosted its own conference in San Francisco and another panel discussion on the topic at the FMX show in Germany in May. "I think it's becoming much more important. It's one of those things that kept coming up and we thought we'd look at it. We knew we were on to something when we got such a good response. This is a phenome- non that's really happened in the last three or four years and gaining traction." Maher credits companies like Intel, AMD and Nvidia with driving the trend." Greg Estes, VP of enterprise marketing at Nvidia, recently broke down for me how working remotely and virtualization are connected (and differ), the inroads Nvidia is making in virtualization with its GRID vGPU technology, and its relationship with Citrix and VMware. A big topic, Estes promises more details in an upcoming article as we follow this growing trend. Post Magazine is published by Post, LLC, a COP communications company. Post does not verify any claims or other information appearing in any of the advertisements contained in the publication, and cannot take any responsi- bility for any losses or other damages incurred by readers in reliance on such content. Post cannot be held responsible for the safekeeping or return of unsolicited articles, manuscripts, photographs, illustrations or other materials. 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