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30 Post • December 2009 There is no denying the power of new media platforms — content and distribution oppor tunities for the Web, hand-held devices, games and more are exploding. Braving these newish waters means understanding the way consumers ingest information. JEFF DOUD Executive Creative Director Riot Atlanta Atlanta ( Riot Atlanta is a group of designers, editors, ani- mators, motion graphics artists, composers, sound designers, mixers, writers and producers creating branded content. STRENGTHS: "Since we are doing so much TV work, one of the key strengths for us is that streaming media, in all its forms, will be running multiple platforms, and we want to be building content for each of them in equal measure. "We are gaining ground in understanding the synergy between viewers, networks and adver tisers. I am looking forward to a new robust business model that leads to a better and more personal media experience for viewers. "We want to put the enter tainment experience in the hands of the users. We think that total control is the right of every viewer. It's becoming more seamless as we progress. Television has typically been a linear medium and we are looking to a day when content streams on demand and you can start and stop any program at will. I think we are going to figure out great interfaces that make the en- tertainment experience painless and easy. "Freedom to move is a great strength; viewing screens anywhere on a variety of different platforms [equals] total mobility. You are not locked to a big box any longer — you can certainly use a big box if you want to see large screen high definition and great stuff in 3D, but there are plenty of other available devices." WEAKNESSES: "It can be frustrating to implement high-end de- sign in a floating medium where a lot of things shift and move. With the Web we don't have the intense control that designers are used to in print or in a linear medium like television. It's a little bit slippery but the design capabilities are growing all the time. I think we'll see some new advances that will help us get to the next step." OPPORTUNITIES: "They are vast. We are concentrating on the relationship between the networks, adver tisers, and viewers. There is something in play for everyone. The economy and new business models emerging have to do with total transparency of those things as well as engaging viewers in ways they actually want to participate in instead of having to digest whatever we send their way. The big oppor tunity is to creatively come up with solutions that are highly engaging for the users and beneficial for the advertisers. "There is also a vast sense of community that is beginning to happen. The kind of connectivity that refines your preferences and improves your content selections is a big promise. We will have the ability to really gear our experience with the media to our own preferences, and to new ideas offered up by like-minded viewers. That's a great future." THREATS: "If new media is available to everyone and not regu- lated in favor of just a few big players, then innovation will thrive. We wouldn't want to see new laws that inhibit free use of the media." OUTLOOK 2010: "We got so close before the recent economic downturn to seeing real integration.The slingshot effect for 2010 is something to be very hopeful for.We are going to see electronic de- vices that integrate all of these various components — Web, broad- cast, all screen-based media — into one device, whether large screen or mobile. So we are very optimistic about 2010. A healthy level of acceptance is building with the public.There will be a lot of demand for improvements and upgrades in their entertainment experience." STEVEN SPIECZNY Managing Director Speedshape Detroit/LA/London ( Speedshape is digital marketing company serving the agency world through integrated production — focused on CG asset creation and delivery. Its clients are large, small and medium agencies. STRENGTHS: "A strength is the proven value of a bullet-proof CG pipeline and workflow as a way to drive a creative production OUTLOOK NEW MEDIA is a recent integrated project from Riot Atlanta that bridges the gap between TV and the Web. New World, New Platforms By Randi Altman

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