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6 cgw m ay . j u n e 2 0 1 5 place where the best and brightest people in the world came together…" says Frank Walker, George Clooney's character in Disney's sci-fi action/adven- ture/mystery Tomorrowland. Frank is describing the film's fictional Tomorrowland, which draws from Disney's three generations of theme parks and Walt Disney's futuristic visions. But, "best and brightest" could as easily be said for the film's production. Two-time Oscar-winner George Clooney, of course. Two-time Oscar-win- ner Writer/Director Brad Bird. Writer Damon Lindelof, who received an Emmy for "Lost." Oscar-winning Composer Michael Giacchino. Oscar-win- ning Cinematographer Claudio Miranda. Emmy award-winning Production Designer Scott Chambliss. And, providing a majority of the visual effects, Industrial Light & Magic, which has accumulated 16 Oscars and 33 Oscar nominations over the years. Craig Hammack and Eddie Pasquarello supervised ILM's work. In the film, Frank, a dis- illusioned, grumpy former boy genius, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teenager, take on a seemingly impossible mission: discover the secrets in a place called To- morrowland, which exists who knows where in space and time. ARTISTS AT ILM HELP DIRECTOR BRAD BIRD CREATE TOMORROWLAND BY BARBARA ROBERTSON Building a Future "A ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Courtesy ILM

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