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Page 41 of 51 40 POST JUNE 2015 POSTINGS: BROADCAST DESIGN REBEL MUSIC NEW YORK — The Studio ( teamed with Nomadic Wax and MTV World to create a graphics package that helps define the second season of Rebel Music. The package takes inspiration from Latin American political poster art of the 1960s and '70s. Artist Shepard Fairey, whose work reflects his belief in the power of art to spur political commentary, is one of the executive producers of the documentary series, which airs on MTV's broadcast and online outlets, as well as on Netflix and iTunes. Rebel Music explores the lives of young people around the world, who are using art and music in the pursuit of social justice. The Studio's creative director Mary Nittolo says the team was going for the look of faded political posters on city walls, along with people's response to them in the form of graffiti. The :30 opening title sequence shows this effort, playing as a fast-cut montage of scenes of political conflict and passionate musical performances. Flickering on-screen typography notes: "The world is in transition, the world is in conflict; when just is broken, when justice is lost; youth use their voice, youth use their art — to fight back." Fairey designed the show's logo. Nittolo, concept artist Alison Abitbol, animation lead Eric Kilanski and editor Hondo Logan devel- oped the package. EDAN'S AFRICAN LAUNCH NEW YORK — Design/animation boutique Mr. Wonderful (www.mrwonderful. tv), here, teamed up with content creation company Roundhead Creative to design the vibrant brand package for the new EDAN Network. The network is touted as the first Franco-African global television network and will celebrate and share cultural experiences worldwide. The EDAN Network is named after its founder, Evelyne Diatta-Accrombessi, and initially launched in Africa on March 24th. It plans to grow internationally. Creative director Phil Alcabes of Roundhead brought Mr. Wonderful on board to create the package, which includes network identities, promo pack- aging, lower thirds, bumpers and on-screen animated graphics. Mr. Wonderful creative director Gary Keenan worked closely with Alcabes to lead a team of designers and animators, who took the static logo and brought it to life with a modern and innovative feel. To visualize the present-day African diaspora, the team created a visual identity system that encapsulated the coming together of different elements to form the EDAN logo. Mr. Wonderful used Adobe Creative Suite and Maxon Cinema 4D to complete the project. FIGHT NIGHT MIAMI — 2C Creative ( produced the broadcast promo campaign for last month's "Fight of the Century" between boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The May 2nd pay-per-view matchup, presented by HBO Sports and Showtime Sports, called for the agency to work quickly, and devise a shoot knowing the contenders' limited availability. Brian Eloe served as the project's director/creative director, while Luis Marti- nez headed the design and VFX supervision. Eloe says the promo puts the two fighters in the desert, facing each other much like a Western gunfight. But rather than take the boxers into the desert, they were shot in front of a greenscreen and composited into a believable cinemascape that includes the MGM Grand hotel and casino in the distance. 2C used the motion capture robot MILO to create camera moves, enabling them to shoot each boxer separately over green, followed by the background plates in the desert. Orbiting the camera around the boxers created a sense of grandeur and heightened the believability of them actually being there, as the sweeping panorama shifted behind them. Dmitri Zavyazkin served as VFX artists/ colorist and Claudia Castaneda was "predi- tor" on the project. The studio collaborated with DP Thomas Camarda and line producer Chris Stoerchle on the promo- tional piece. INSPIRE THE WOW MIAMI/NEW YORK — Agency Loyalkaspar ( recently partnered with NBC Universo to develop the network's rebrand campaign, helping to transform it from Mun2 into a modern general entertainment ca- ble channel for Latinos. This included revamping the brand identity, person- ality and sonic branding, and a launch campaign, "Inspire the Wow." A brand personality was developed and manifested through the creative concept "Cinematic Experience," which takes inspiration from NBC Univer- so's programming, and features cinematic lighting that highlight abstrac- tions of the iconic NBC peacock, a bold color palette, and a modern type system inspired by movie posters and trailers. The Loyalkaspar team created opens, lower thirds, snipes, promo bugs, end cards, sting logos, a hero logo animation and sonic branding assets. Both :60 and :30 versions of the hero piece were created, using Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci and Logic Pro.

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