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RITTWAGE President / CEO SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS KEEPING SCORE he summer is a fun time for film audiences, as studios release their most anticipated titles — many of which rely largely on visual effects and the talents of post professionals. Following last month's coverage of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we continue our feature film reporting this month with a look at another two major releases. Iain Blair connects with director Colin Trevorrow, who details his work on Jurassic World, the fourth film in the dinosaur fran- chise made popular by Steven Spielberg that originally dates back to 1993. Barbara Robertson reports on Disney's latest film, Tomorrowland, and how ILM helps build a futuristic world, as well as one that once existed back in 1964. Our film coverage continues online, where the Post Website has reports on the work Cinesite performed for the key opening sequence of the box office hit San Andreas, and on the 1,700 VFX shots Iloura created for George Miller's Mad Max reboot, Fury Road. And next month, we'll have more film coverage, including the VFX for the new Terminator: Genisys feature. We've also got lots of television cov- erage this month, including a look at the workflow for Fox's new series, Wayward Pines ("Primetime," page 16). Jennifer Walden looks at the show's audio too, as well as the sound of the popular series Falling Skies, The Whispers and The Island (page 22). And you can get a look at the latest trends in "Broadcast Design," with Christine Bunish's feature on page 30 and a related "Postings" gallery on page 40. Be sure to check out too, where you can find extended Tomor- rowland coverage, along with Reviews and Blogs you won't find in the print issue. Enjoy! s we get into the summer months, it's interesting to see how well some of the season's expected "hits" actually fare at the box office after their big opening weekends. No matter how much we think we know going in, there are always surpris- es. You never can really tell until the crowds show up — or don't. With Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, our May cover story (featuring an assem- bly of studios, including ILM, Trixter and The Third Floor, who worked on various aspects of the film), with additional bonus content online (Prime Focus World's stereo 3D work), there were no surprises. Marvel didn't hold any punches and the film per- formed well, grossing more than $428M at press time. On the other hand, there was much ado about Disney's Tomorrowland (see Barbara Robertson's feature, page 26), but the re- sults from a sleepy Memorial Day Weekend opening were disappointing, so far totaling a bit over $64M a few days into June. The film surprisingly did only slightly better than Pitch Perfect 2 (see my Online Exclu- sive with film editor Craig Alpert), the a cappella sequel featuring plenty of singing, but not much by way of VFX, explosions, stunts, super heroes or dinosaurs. And speaking of dinosaurs, in case you somehow missed them, we have a few — on this month's cover. Our Director's Chair columnist, Iain Blair, caught up with Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow to talk about what it's like to work with villains who aren't actually on-set, and the pres- sures of delivering a sequel to a highly-suc- cessful franchise (see page 18). Although the summer's just begun, Post has clearly already started its coverage, that also includes Blair's interview with Spy di- rector Paul Feig (see May issue and online), as well as online coverage of Poltergeist and Mad Max (courtesy of Post's Senior Editor Marc Loftus), and my own interview with Cinesite VFX supervisor Holger Voss on his studio's work on this season's disaster flick, San Andreas (more San Andreas in next month's issue, too), already delivering rock solid numbers (more than $59M) in theaters. It's too early to tell what the summer's biggest hits will be (probably safe to bet on anything Marvel), but let's not forget that it's not only about numbers. Some of the greatest successes are what happens behind the scenes as well. As Barbara Robertson points out in her Tomorrowland story, some of the "best and brightest" are behind the film's production. Cheers! Post Magazine is published by Post, LLC, a COP communications company. 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