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June/July 2015

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Departments city of angels From the Editor 6 Calendar Classifieds Contributors 8 Art & Soul 30 Professional Services Directory 34 40 41 contents Features Vol. 38, No. 3 June/July 2015 Whole Life Times 9 Summer Shorts: Bike Share, Rosie the Riveter, Donation Yoga 28 26 24 In Every Issue 14 Adult Intimacy What we need to do to get past high school-style sex backwords 42 Lost and Found My yoga practice served me well when I needed it most The Earth Below Earthing Reconnects us with our most basic healing source 22 Casual Luxury at an Eco Resort Nicaragua's dry rainforest beckons green-conscious travelers 28 Solutions Outside the Box Energy healing is real and palpable with "miracles" every day 26 13 Goodbye, Old Friend How you send your pet to doggie heaven can be a gift to the earth healthy living Cover artist Nikki Zalewski: "I have trained in 11 different therapies. I had a 'calling' to provide images for holistic people. Rather than help two or three individuals a day, I can help with imagery created from the heart and guidance from Source." on our cover Worth Repeating 11 16 Eat Here Now Sharkey's Mexican Grill: Organic and vegan options have raised the bar for fast food What Counts 12 28 pg. Letters 7 15 Rock Your Body Growing kids' brains, healthier BBQ with beer, Reishi magic 17 Recipes Summer Time Is Picnic Time: A hint of français brightens up a Trés Green picnic 21 Saving Yourself and Your Business Will Help Save Your World But first you have to figure out what's missing success track 10 Scene in the Southland Lightning in a Bottle, Meditation 2.0, Kids Ocean Day, Topanga Days 18 Yoga that Heals for Your Body Type A guide to the major variations yoga & spirit Hurts So Bad Chronic pain sufferers seek innovative ways to manage their distress 24 taste of health 20 Happy Birthday Dalai Lama The only man on earth whose party theme is Global Compassion june/july 2015 5

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