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Alexandra Juliani majority of those I see do not have physical ailments," Ju- liani said. "People on their spiritual paths seek Reiki to open up. I work on their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I usually have them lie on a massage table, and I use a light touch through a sequence on the front and back of the body." Juliani uses her intuition as a guide. "My hands !nd what is going on," she said, "even if the patient doesn't tell me. I am a conduit of energy so it is not coming from me. "e energy is channeled, coming in from the universe through the crown chakra and causing whatever is going on in them, including negative emotions and energy, to be transmuted into light. "at's a nice thing about Reiki, that the nega- tive energy is not transferred to the healer; it is changed into light." !e Gi" of Reconnection Dr. Eric Pearl had been a chiro- practor for 12 years when he re- ceived what he describes as his gi#—Reconnective Healing— which works by interacting with the unseen, including a spectrum of frequencies that contain ener- gy, light and information. "My patients starting having very unusual responses and ex- periences one day," he explained. "When I hovered over one part of their body with my hand, they would feel my hand touch- ing multiple parts of their body, such as the shoulders, head and arms. "eir muscles started go- ing into involuntary respons- es, their !ngers moved up and down, their arms jumped." Some of Pearl's clients reported seeing colors they had never seen, and a#er their sessions, experiencing poltergeist type occurrences in their homes, including the television turning on and o$ by itself, and garage doors opening and closing on their own. In the Reconnective Healing process, the person being treated "receives nonverbal information into their body," Pearl explained. "Energy is vibrating at di$erent speeds, depending upon what part of the body it is. "e di$erent speeds are transmitted at di$erent levels, and communi- cated in a certain way. Our energy healing technique has been helping us !nd our balance, the way a good set of training wheels helps a child discover a sense of balance." Pearl's healings are not one-o$ events, he explained; they happen so instantaneously that they seem to be outside the constraints of time. Additionally, he said it is so comprehensive that people don't have to make return visits. Seeing the e$ect of this extra modality in his chiroprac- tic work and perceiving that it's something everyone can learn how to do, Pearl began to teach others. But more than teaching, he sees it as " sharing a transmission of the energy, light and information, and then showing them how to work with it." He loves the work because for him it is clean, clear and grounded. Healer, Heal !yself "ere's no easy path to well- ness; it takes dedication and perseverance. "We are a drive-through so- ciety that thinks that we can just order up a pill and get bet- ter," Benedict said. "It doesn't work that way." Juliani agreed. "Some people expect to go to a healer, have them touch them and every- thing will go away. Healing is co-creative. People must also take care of themselves." It starts with the healer. "e more Benedict remembers to be true to herself and take care of her own body on a daily basis, she said, the more she is able to help others. If she is not working at healing others, a "piece of me dies o$ every day." Each individ- ual has unique gi#s to be used, and "the more connected we get, and listen to our soul and what our soul purpose is, the better life we get to experience and the more joy we feel." Juliani is a meditator, and also receives a consistent schedule of bodywork—chiropractic, massage, acupunc- ture or the like—to replenish herself. "ese choices are a testament to Pearl's belief that, "When we start healing others and teaching how to heal, we make better decisions and choices." Since the healer's world is a re%ection of who that healer is, healers, like physicians, must take time to heal themselves. june/july 2015 27

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