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Unseen Miracles of Healing Step outside the box to explore powerful modalities that can't be videotaped or measured Photo of Alexandra by Angelique Myrick By Lori Denman-Underhill Eric Pearl Chantal Benedict W hen we are physically ill or out of balance, western medicine addresses the body with a standard protocol of solutions. Brilliant and amazing as some of this work is, there are times when it may provide no relief. Tested methods of physical therapy, such as chiro- practic, massage and acupuncture, can also be extremely useful, but there are other modalities that elude scienti"c research and go a step beyond. #ese are the unseen modalities. Such philosophies of healing exist in many forms—Rei- ki is perhaps the most familiar—and the opportunities are seemingly endless. WLT stepped outside the box to explore the practices and philosophy of three healers working in Los Angeles. Heal the Body for Answers to the Mind When I met with Chantal Benedict, prior to having me lie on a crystal healing bed for a quantum skeletal realign- ment, she guided me to ask my body three questions: "What do you need from me? How do you serve me? What do you need from me to set you free?" She calls this "soul work." "On the bed we are bringing you back to Source, then I come in and align the skeletal system," she explained. "#e body is open and ready to re- turn to wellness. I use color and light frequencies, which move over the top of the body and cleanse your chakras; and the crystal healing bed plays an integral role in allowing the energy to come through. It takes you into a deep, relaxed state." Asked how she discovered her work, she said, "I was blessed with my modality following a visit to John of God, [followed by] a year and a half of prayers." She decided to call it quan- tum skeletal alignment because, "When I touch the skeletal system, the bones literally vibrate un- derneath my "ngers. I am working in the quantum "eld and I am recalibrating the energy and cellular memory from what it is holding onto. #ere is this disconnection from the body being well, so when I go into that "eld, I am returning the body to wellness." Working in tandem with the client, in conjunction with strong visualization and prayer requests, Benedict strives to reconnect the body to Source, to feeling both perfect and complete. #is work has been particularly helpful in working with military vets. In order to continue the healing in everyday life, Bene- dict suggests sitting in a quiet space and asking the body questions, especially if it is in pain. Repeat the three original questions she suggested to "nd or renew your soul's purpose. Spiritual Harmony through Reiki Reiki master Alexandra Juliani, M.A., practices what is sometimes called the Usui Shiko Ryoho method, passed on by 20th-century Buddhist monk Mikao Usui, who allegedly drew from several sources to develop the Reiki system of using prana, or life force, to "heal with the hands." #e Usui teachings include teaching people how to heal themselves, and with her 25 years of expe- rience, Juliani is both a teacher and direc- tor at the American Reiki Academy in L.A. Juliani incorporates other esoteric mo- dalities in her work: clairaudient chan- neling, crystal healing, Vedic healing, chanting and creative visualization. She also works with the cerebrospinal %uid, sensing %ows in the body and where the energy is blocked. "We are moving our hands along a grid," she explained. "It is combined with intuition for work on the sacrum and the spine." So is Reiki just for illness? "#e 26 wholelifetimes.com

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