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world that some claim negatively a$ ect human health. Zucker takes the power of grounding further, into the realm of healing. "# e ground under your feet may actually be the single most-powerful medicine on the planet," he suggests, "because of Mother Earth's natural endowment of 'electric nutrition,' a virtually limitless supply of free electrons that give the ground we walk on its negative electric charge." Every time you walk on natural surfaces with your bare feet you plug into this natural power source, earthing advocates say, and this % ow of negatively charged energy can bring your body into balance with the planet and reduce electrical overload caused by daily EMF exposure. Health Effects Natural EMFs can be generated by such phenomena as storms and ocean currents. But they're also emitted arti" cially from electrical wires and cell phone towers outdoors, and from every device that plugs into an electric outlet, as well as from battery-charged electronic devices indoors. And while there is no consensus as to whether these manmade electrical " elds pose a health risk, there is reason to suggest they might. It is well known that high levels of the human hormone cortisol in the body are linked with oxidative stress and in% ammation, which are known contributing factors in cancer and a variety of age-related conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. # e documented health bene" ts from lowering cortisol levels and reducing in% ammation include moderated heart rates, boosted immunity, improved glucose regulation, lessened pain, and improved regulation of the endocrine and nervous systems. Earthing proponents believe that EMF exposure causes elevated cortisol levels and in% ammation—and the health ailments linked to them—and that absorbing the planet's negative electrons through grounding counters these harmful e$ ects. A link between EMFs and cortisol increases has yet to be proven, but there is some scienti" c data indicating that earthing can help lower levels of the hormone, regardless of what caused its initial rise. A small 2004 study of 12 adults showed that grounding the subjects through a system connecting them to the earth while they slept signi" cantly reduced their cortisol levels. # is, in turn, resulted in marked improvements in such in% ammation-related health complaints as sleep dysfunction, pain and stress. # e study supported numerous anecdotal reports and the results, cheered by grounding advocates, prompted cardiologist and researcher Stephan Sinatra, founder of the New England Heart Center and co-author of the Earthing book, to characterize the apparent cortisol-lowering e$ ects of grounding as "the original anti-in% ammatory." Get Grounded So, how does one get grounded? # e simplest way is to walk or run barefoot on natural surfaces—soil, grass or sand. Wet sand is considered the best conductor of earth's natural electrons. # in leather or hide soles, while not as bene" cial as bare feet, still allow foot and ground moisture to conduct energy from the earth. Moccasins are ideal. Electrostatic discharge footwear (ESD) is also e$ ective, but not as bene" cial as going barefoot. Another practical footwear option is "earthing shoes." # ese—and other grounding products, such as pads, sheets and cords—are widely available on the Internet. And while there is no conclusive proof that EMFs cause health problems, grounding advocates, including Zucker, still urge limiting your exposure to them. Continuous EMFs are emitted from all plugged- in electrical cords (even if the appliance is turned o$ ), internal wiring and all ungrounded electrical devices, so the " rst course of action is to simply unplug all unused devices. (An added bonus is the money you'll save on your utility bill; a new study estimates Americans waste $19 billion a year on always-on but inactive devices.) # is is particularly important in the bedroom, which should be free of electrical gadgets, especially cordless phones, mobile digital devices and chargers. Other steps include replacing % uorescent lights, which create strong EMFs, and utilizing grounding techniques that reduce electrostatic discharge. # ere are also several EMF " lters available for purchase online. You can " nd " nd step-by-step, illustrated DIY instructions online for relatively simple grounding techniques to use during the day or while you sleep (naturesplatform.com/ earthing.html). However, unless you are an experienced electrician, professional help is recommended. Some guidelines for proper protocol are detailed at www. buildingbiology.ca. If you are on medication or have a medical condition, check " rst with your healthcare provider to be sure it's safe for you. Happily, now that you're an adult, you won't need any approval for going barefoot. EVERY TIME YOU WALK ON NATURAL SURFACES WITH YOUR BARE FEET YOU PLUG INTO THIS NATURAL POWER SOURCE. # e study supported numerous anecdotal reports and # e study supported numerous anecdotal reports and june/july 2015 23

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