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June/July 2015

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WHAT COUNTS Various forms of healing arts predate the pyramids. But as medical and technological advancement pro- gressed, skepticism followed, and well-meaning, mis- guided celebrities didn't help the cause much. Slowly, alternative forms of medicine are gaining the kind of acceptance that took psychology centuries to accom- plish. In the meantime, can someone check out this knot in my back? Sources: American Journal of Public Health; Nation- al Center for Complementary and Integrative Health; Disabled World; World Health Organization; National Institutes of Health; American Massage Therapy Associa- tion; Healthline; Centers for Disease Control 38 Percent of adults who use some form of complementary and alternative medicine in the U.S. 34B Out-of-pocket American dollars spent on complementary and alternative medicine in 2007 43 Percent of Americans using complementary medicine who have a college degree 75 Percent of people with AIDS in San Francisco, South Africa and London who use traditional, contemporary or alternative medicine 10 Percent of Americans who regularly use a chiropractor 35M Number of adult Americans who had a massage at least once in 2013 8 Percent of Americans using complementary medicine who meditated in 2012 21B Dollars Americans are expected to spend on supplements in 2015 1B Percent of 65,000 dietary supplements on the market that is spot-tested by the FDA 0 Amount of kickbacks Dr. Oz claims to receive from the many medically unproven diet supplements he champions By Tim Posada Call (323) 953-3206 to get your copy. PRICE: $22.00 Softcover Church of Scientology Los Angeles 4810 W. Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027 losangeles-contact@scientology.net www.scientology-losangeles.org THE PROBLEMS OF WORK By L. Ron Hubbard Life is composed of seven-tenths work, one-tenth familial, one-tenth political and one tenth relaxation. Here is a book containing the answers to that seven-tenths. Simple yet powerful solutions for burnout, stress or worse. BUY AND READ 70% of your life is spent working... 7 y PRICE: $22.00 Softcover www.newworldlibrary.com "Every now and then a book appears that adds beautiful drops to the stream of ineffable wisdom that has fl owed through the ages. The Calm Center is such a book. It opens a path to the authentic self." — ELIZABETH LESSER, author of Broken Open and cofounder of Omega Institute An Eckhart Tolle Edition 12 wholelifetimes.com

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