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June/July 2015

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"YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. You may have to adjust the particulars of 'it' but trust me, 'all' is what you want. It's exhausting and it's way too much for anyone to handle, ever. That's also what's so gratify- ing about it." ~Columnist Heather Havrilesky answer- ing a Dear Polly question from a reader asking what to do fi rst: baby or career (New York magazine, 4/16) "TRAVEL IS HOW I MAKE A living. Stillness is how I make a life." ~Travel writer Pico Iyer on the value of living tech-free (Wisdom 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, 2/15) "AS LONG AS THE PHRASE 'he helped' is used, we know we have not attained gender equality." ~Sociologist Pamela Smock on gender divi- sion of domestic labor (NY Times, 5/10) W O RT H R E P E AT I N G "WE'RE CONDITIONED TO believe that the candidate who has the early assent of a hand- ful of executives on Wall Street and in Hollywood and Silicon Valley is the 'serious' politician, while the one who is merely the favorite of large numbers of hu- man beings is an irritating novelty act." ~Writer Matt Taibbi on Bernie Sanders' joining the presidential race (Rolling Stone, 4/29) "THE BEST STATISTICS SHOW that in about 97 percent of rapes, the rapist is never held accountable." ~Jon Krakauer, researcher and nonfi c- tion author of Missoula, a new book about student rape and the justice system (npr.org, 4/19) "I THOUGHT: 'GIVE ME A fucking break. You know your child can grow to be happy, in- dependent and fall in love. I'd trade anything for that knowledge, and you're freaking out that your son might be gay.'" ~New York man, waiting to fi nd out if his son is autistic, on overhearing parents concerned their son might be gay (Humans of New York, 4/9) "THE MYSTERY OF GRACE IS that God loves Dick Cheney and me exactly as much as He or She loves your grandchild." ~Author Anne Lam- ott in a birthday post on everything she knows (Face- book, 4/8) Rochester, Vermont • www.InnerTraditions.com 800-246-8648 • Available Wherever Books are Sold Books to Enrich the Mind, Body, and Spirit Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body A Handbook of Subtle Energies in Massage and Yoga ROBERT HENDERSON A comprehensive guide to emotional blockages in the energy body and their physical manifestations $19.95 paper • ISBN 978-1-62055-427-2 Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe ROBBIE HOLZ with CHRISTIANN HOWARD One woman's story of healing through Aboriginal principles and awakening to her own healing powers $16.00 paper • ISBN 978-1-59143-219-7 30% off! Use coupon code WLMJUJ when placing your order june/july 2015 11

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