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50  /  the tasting panel  /  june 2015 GIN BROCKMANS UNIQUE BOTANICALS BRING A CONTEMPORARY FLAVOR TO THE GIN MARKET by Jesse Hom-Dawson The New Gineration I t's time to rethink London dry gin—and there's a company expanding in the U.S. that's here to do just that. Meet Brockmans Gin, a company that aims to capture the urban 25-year-old-and-up consumer market, those who want classic cocktails with a surprising twist and a well-crafted spirit that brings something new to the table. While Brockmans might be U.K.-based and use a traditional 100-year-old copper still for their distillation process, they're moving away from the juniper-driven London Drys and adding in some surprising flavors. Bob Fowkes, Director and co-founder of Brockmans Gin, cites the origins of Brockmans as coming from "the desire for something innovative and still composed of juniper, but stretches the understanding of what gin tastes like." Brockmans' ingredients are completely natural and sourced from all over the world, including juniper from Tuscany, Bulgarian coriander and angelica from Saxony. The 80-proof gin uses a unique recipe consist- ing of 11 botanicals—including the classic juniper, but also with more innovative flavors like blueberries, blackberries, cassia bark, licorice, lemon peel, coriander, angelica, orange peel, almonds and orris. Fowkes describes the spirit as having a "sensual gin taste . . . something that was so smooth it could be drunk on the rocks and not just mixed into cock- tails." The sensuality and allure of the flavor is mimicked in its packaging and advertising, which is simple yet eye-grabbing, with a stark black and white theme with bold splashes of red. It's a modern look that is suited to Brockmans modern flavor, and fits the profile of those consumers looking for something unique and different. The untraditional flavor is what draws consumers and on- and off- premise accounts to Brockmans Gin, and the possibility for reinventing classic cocktails and creating new ones are endless. While Brockmans suggests drinking the gin neat or on the rocks in order to fully experi- ence the flavors, Fowkes also recommends using Brockmans in citrus- inspired or berry-flavored cocktails, such as a Blackberry Bramble or lemonade-style drinks, which will enhance the berry botanicals in the gin. Fowkes believes Brockmans Gin appeals to those who want distinctive flavor and appreciate inno- vation and craft in their spirits. He explains, "Strong, distinctive tastes are becoming more mainstream, especially among foodies, and we're trying to appeal to that demographic." Brockmans wants to stand out from the crowd, and its special taste profile, sophisticated packaging and versatility in cocktails allows it to do just that. See our Publisher and Editorial Director Meridith May's review of Brockmans Gin on page 73.

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