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30  /  the tasting panel  /  june 2015 WHAT'S NEW C M Y CM MY CY CMY K N ewman's Own Wine was launched in 2008 through a partnership between Newman's Own, Trinchero Family Estates and the renowned winemaking trio the "Three Thieves"—Charles Bieler, Joel Gott and Roger Scommegna. Newman's Own—founded by the legendary screen actor and philanthropist Paul Newman—is respected worldwide for its food prod- uct line, which encompasses everything from salad dressings to pizza and was created out of a commitment to philanthropy. The Newman's Own Foundation has given more than $400 million to thousands of charities since 1982. To introduce a new generation to Newman's vision, the Newman's Own Wine team decided to create a new wine that would appeal to consum- ers' changing tastes while honoring the charitable history of the label. When they tasted the first bottling of Common Good, they knew that the wine would appeal to Millennials while staying true to the wine style that Newman loved. The name comes from Paul Newman's personal motto: "In the pursuit of the common good." Charles Bieler, one of the "Three Thieves," explained to THE TASTING PANEL more about how the Common Good label came about. The venture with Newman's Own began back in 2007, when a mutual friend of Newman and Bieler set up a meeting between them, knowing that Newman enjoyed wine himself and was interested in expanding his company into the industry. Taken by Newman's dedication to giving and philanthropy, Bieler agreed to get on board and help the company produce their wine. Bieler reminisces, "Paul told me that he thought wine would complete the 'dinner table' set of Newman's Own products." Bieler and his team believe that Common Good is an approachable wine and reflects the style and spirit of Newman. Added Bieler, "It's a great wine; soft and unctuous, and con- nects a new generation to Paul's spirit of giving." Newman's Own currently produces Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, but Common Good Red Blend is the first to feature a Merlot-based blend with Zin and Cab (66% Merlot, 24% Zinfandel, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon.) The blend is smooth, complex and fruit forward with juicy black fruit and a long soft finish. Bieler says the response to the wine has been "tremendously positive," which he chalks up to the wine's full-body, oaky, generous flavor. The Common Good label is aimed at wine drinkers who aren't necessarily aware that Newman's Own produces wine. "While the wine will definitely be available in grocery stores like the other Newman's Own products, we have created a wine that will stand on its own in the wine aisle and at wine stores." A great-tasting, affordable wine that supports a good cause, it's a winning combination. Wine for the Common Good TRINCHERO FAMILY ESTATES AND REBEL WINE COMPANY CONTINUE TO GIVE BACK WITH A NEW WINE LABEL—COMMON GOOD by Jesse Hom-Dawson Tasting Notes Bittersweet, dark clove and brandied blackberries set the stage for this quite "uncommon" wine. A thread of espresso weaves its way through the black, inky core. Structure, fine acidity and approachability gives this wine its altruistic name. 89 —Meridith May Newman's Own Wine was launched in 2008 through a partnership between Newman's Own, Trinchero Family Estates and the renowned winemaking trio the "Three Thieves"—(left to right) Roger Scommegna, Charles Bieler and Joel Gott.

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