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26  /  the tasting panel  /  june 2015 Swt, Swt Summertime! Everything You Nd For Warm Weather Entertaining by Emily Coleman Breathing Rm The best parties are often ones you never planned. Good friends come over on a whim and the bottles come out, which creates a major problem: how to get the wine to show nicely without having the time it needs to breathe? It's time to invite TRIbella to the party. Launched in 2014, the patented wine aerator allows the consumer or somm to pour wine in three streams, enabling ambient air in between the steams as the wine travels to the glass drip-free. Let the good times (and good wine) flow! Gd to the La Drop Certain celebrations focus on quality over quantity when it comes to both the guest list and the wines poured. At those functions, consumers might not be able to finish off full bottles of wine. Instead of wasting the rest down the drain, give your custom- ers the power to preserve through the first at-home technology that preserves both still and sparkling wine: the Genesis from Napa Technology. Through its IntelliCork Technology, wine poured from the bottle is replaced with WineGas, which saves still wine for up to two months and sparkling for up to five days. They'll never have to cry over spoiled wine again! Tling Around: When the temperatures rise and the sun stays out late, backyard barbecues, patio brunches and rooftop shindigs become the norm. Your patrons will undoubtedly appreciate having the right gadgets for whatever soiree they have in mind, so give the people what they want—nay, what they need—to serve that perfect glass of wine and become the host(ess) with the most(est). Whls Up Whether it's to visit family, reach the beach or simply to take advantage of warm weather, people love to travel during the summer—and a lot of times these trips include a plane. With the dreaded three-ounce rule in place, bringing wine to and fro becomes an obstacle many choose not to face—instead, they leave the wine behind. Give wings to your bottles by offering your customers the VinGarde Valise, a suitcase designed to exclusively carry wine and glasses. Featuring two durable handles, a 100% polycarbonate shell and dense closed-cell foam inserts—which can change out to hold wine glasses, magnums or extra-large 750-ml. bottles—your guests' wine will fly safe no matter the turbulence.

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