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April 27 - May 18, 2015 30 Working World l FENG SHUI AT WORK by Katy Allgeyer Katy Allgeyer believes every workplace can be enlightened and energized by the principles of feng shui. In addition to her feng shui practice, she is a writer, artist and has worked in retail management. Balancing Your Bagua How to organize your day F eng Shui revolves around the 9 sectors of the bagua. Each area of life is addressed by a Feng Shui category. What if we were to organize our work day by using the bagua as a guide? Here's how it might go: CAREER Begin by reviewing career goals. Are you happy with your job? If not, what're you doing about it? Set goals for the new year / write them down. Continue to update your list monthly to ensure your actions are supporting the attainment of your goals. WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE This pertains to your spiritual life and expanding knowledge. Make a plan to add a meditation practice to your life. Also, try reading one book per month (minimum) as a goal to sharpen your mind. FAMILY & HEALTH Get a workout. Whether it's the gym, sports, yoga, or merely walking, you'll feel better (and be at the top of your game at work). Spend quality time with family and friends. WEALTH When did you last ask for a raise? Or looked for a job that paid more? Or reviewed your 401K and savings to make sure they're performing for you? Plan on increasing your personal wealth this year. FAME & REPUTATION Is your rep as good as gold? If not, make amends and clear your name. If so, find ways to get more limelight at work (leading to more responsibility and greater compensation). LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS Relationships with vendors, clients, employers, and employees are what make the business world go 'round. Take a portion of each day to touch base and network. CREATIVITY & FUTURE PROJECTS Have a "hot file" of ideas and plans for the future. Keep clippings in it, ideas you've jotted down, info downloaded from the 'net. Refer to it often. TRAVEL & HELPFUL PEOPLE Look at your calendar and plan your vacations in advance. Clear the dates with employers, book the trips---provide yourself with the motivation to get through your hectic day. TAI CH'I This sector refers to the wholeness of you. Remember, the goal is to achieve balance in all areas of life in order to be happy and healthy. Good Luck!

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