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April 27 - May 18, 2015 26 Working World l E mployment discrimination based on past criminal history is common and is illegal. In California, it is illegal to discriminate based on a vacated criminal conviction. In California the law allows certain individuals with old criminal records to petition the court to clear criminal offense from the record. A Certificate of Rehabilitation can go a long way in helping you secure better employment prospects and professional licensing. Moreover, if granted, it acts as an automatic application for a governor's pardon. A California Certificate of Rehabilitation is part of the California record-clearing process. It is a court order that states that your criminal history is a thing of the past. It essentially declares you a law abiding citizen, that you have moved on to become an honest, upstanding "rehabilitated" member of the community. THE BENEFITS OF OBTAINING A CERTIFICATE OF REHABILITATION Some of the benefits of a California Certificate of Rehabilitation include: • It prevents state licensing agencies from automatically denying you a license • It makes you a stronger candidate in obtaining employment. is an online legal service providing an array of criminal record clearing and post convictions services. The Better Start was founded by attorney Shan Potts. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Shan Potts, Esq., is an attorney practicing criminal defense and immigration law. He has successfully counseled hundred on the effects of criminal records and post conviction defense. Finding a job after getting out of state prison in California Many talented people are prevented from re-entering the work force everyday because of prior conviction. Clear your record Get the job You deserve The Better Start is the premier source for Record Clearing, Sealing, reducing and correcting errors on your criminal record. Visit California's Best Criminal Record Clearing Apply for the job with confidence! CALL 888-333-1832 Take our Free Eligibility Test today! CRIMINAL RECORD CLEARING FEATURED ARTICLE by Rene Wunderlich

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