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April 27 - May 18, 2015 25 Working World l totally shift the organizational culture and the supervisor- employee relationship. It shifts the emphasis from manager to facilitator, from judge to partner. Such a shift is rewarding both for supervisor and employee and has huge potential for performance improvement. HOW TO HANDLE THE DISENGAGED What do you do about those (<20%) who are not engaged? The "actively disengaged" have what is called a "Won't Do" problem (i.e., they understand the assignment and have the skills, knowledge and authority to do it, they just won't). For such individuals, best practices would involve diagnosing the problem early and then employing aggressive progressive discipline and/or career counseling to try and turn it around or remove the problem. There are some instances in which "Won't Do" employees can be turned around. Factors outside of work have de-motivated them about life, and a good supervisor can encourage success at work as a means to build toward success in life. However, many "Won't Do" problems are difficult to reverse. More problematic is that "Won't Do" problems are difficult to spot. "Won't Do" employees cite numerous factors, none of which can be substantiated, that are causing their sub-par performance, i.e. they seek to define the problem as "Can't Do" (i.e., the employee is eager but does not have appropriate training, skills or authority to do the work). They often appear busy, even joyful. But, they have a toxic impact on fellow workers. "Won't Do" employees seek to give the supervisor responsibility for the problem. But, at the end of the day, data on their performance reveals the truth and that truth is that despite looking engaged, they are not producing real products. A major motivator for writing my recent book, Creating High Performers, was to aid supervisors that find themselves wrapped around the axle by disengaged workers. Such workers sow seeds of self-doubt in the supervisor and continuous thinking re. "What have I done wrong?" or "what could I have done or what can I do now to right the situation?" SUMMARY Actively partner with your engaged employees through frequent conversations that search for ways to support employee goals of excelling in the organization. For those that don't respond, examine carefully their production, not effort, statistics, confront them regarding the failing partnership and hold them responsible to confront the source of "won't do" problems. In short, decrease the time you are spending spinning the wheels with "won't do" problems and commit time to maximizing performance of those who are truly engaged. ABOUT THE AUTHOR William Dann spent 13 years as a CEO before launching his consulting business, Professional Growth Systems, LLC, in 1981 – an organization that has served over 200 organizations in the US and abroad, using proprietary solutions to accelerate performance with as little time and resources as possible. Additionally, Dann has taught for several years at the graduate level at Boston University and is also the founder of, a website devoted to advancing the effectiveness of governing boards. Dann currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska with his family. Creating High Performers is available in paperback on Learn more at Classes are almost fi lled- CALL us TODAY! Los Angeles Valley College E X T E N S I O N STUDIES SHOW THAT EXTENSION STUDENTS NOW EARN MORE MONEY THAN COLLEGE GRADS! Become a Paralegal for only $285/mo. PROFESSIONAL PARALEGAL ACADEMY Classes start soon! Exceeds CA statutory requirements Become a Paralegal in only 11 months! Monday/Wednesday nights & most Saturday mornings. HUMAN RESOURCES ASSISTANT ACADEMY Classes start soon! Complete in only 18 weeks! Thursday nights & Saturday mornings Low monthly payments LEGAL SECRETARY ACADEMY Classes start soon! Complete in only 11 weeks! Tuesday nights & Saturday mornings Low monthly payments Reputable and Accredited Public Institution California Community College Since 1949 FINANCING AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE CLASSES ARE ALREADY FILLING UP! CALL TODAY (818) 997-0967 REGISTER ONLINE 24/7 legalfi You can NOW transfer credits towards an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree at selected colleges It will be the best decision of your life. CAREER TRAINING

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