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December 2011

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COVER STORY Seeing JOHNNIE WALKER GETS PLUGGED IN AND AMPLIFIED by Richard Carleton Hacker S PHOTO: LEIGH CASTELLI december 201 1 / the tasting panel / 43 tep away from the bar, put down that glass and start rewriting those cocktail recipes, because there's a new Johnnie Walker Black Label in town. Its name is Johnnie Walker Double Black. And while it's got a lot in common with its older Black Label brother—the bestselling blended whisky in the world—judging from its muscular demeanor, Double Black has been working out. Your fi rst clue that this is a different style of Johnnie Walker Black is the bottle itself. Appropriately enough, it sports a double banded label. And although it's still the same, easy-to- stack, -grasp and -pour square shape, unlike the clear glass of Black Label, which allows the golden color of the whisky to show through, the Double Black bottle is smoky gray; the color accents the gold Royal Warrant seal even more and is particularly fi tting, as the fi rst thing your nose and palate lock onto upon pouring Double Black is the increased intensity of gentle smoke. Double Black

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