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December 2011

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FROM THE EDITOR Unforgettable Gifts So you want to give a special gift—one that won't be appreciated one evening for an hour or two and then forgotten. You want to give a memorable gift, one that will still give pleasure in February after all the cult Cabernets are just a distant memory. If you want to stick with something comestible, a large- format bottle always leaves a lasting impression. A double magnum of La Tâche would go a long way towards making a friend into a very good friend. The idea is to give something with some staying power so that the recipient will still remem- ber your generosity in March. An oversized bottle of spirits should last even longer. How about a magnum of a favorite cognac? That should be a dramatic gift that will be displayed on the bar for months. But let's say you want to give something even more perma- nent, something that cannot be consumed and then forgotten. Think about wine and bar accessories. Carafes are always striking, and the classic ones made by Baccarat or the flashier ones made by Lalique are important looking and certainly in the right (read: expensive) price range. Aeration is an important effect of decanter use and you might consider the sleek line of Vinturi aerators. This stream- lined device is now available in four different models—white wine, red wine, spirits and a neat traveling model. A gift of one or even all four of these remarkably useful tools should gladden the heart of any wine or spirits lover. There is also a handsome tower that allows for the hands free use of the Vinturi. Glassware is also a meaningful gift. A set of four high-qual- ity stems from Riedel, Baccarat or one of the other producers of fine crystal is always appropriate and well received. Baccarat tumblers or Riedel O glasses are also appreciated. If, per chance, you can hold out until after January, Baccarat is introducing a new line of stemware called Château Baccarat which is quite revolutionary in design and has an amazing effect that amplifies the way wine tastes. If you have plenty of funds or someone very special on your list, consider a refrigerated wine storage system. They can range from a few bottles to whole cellars. Just make sure your lucky recipient has enough room to accommodate such a major gift. If you are thinking about a special gift of wine or spirits, turn to page 48 for my recommendations for impressive and delicious bottles. "Most Likely to Succeed in 2012" - THE COCKTAIL... REDEFINED ���� � �� � ��������������� �� ��� � �� �� �� �� ������ �� ������ ��� ���������� �� ��� �������� ���� 4 / the tasting panel / december 201 1 PHOTO: CATHY TWIGG-BLUMEL

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