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Los Angeles–area USBG members chat and dine while discussing the pom- power of PAMA. PAMA LIQUEUR'S NEW CAMPAIGN INSPIRES BARTENDERS TO LOOK BEYOND FLAVOR Planting the Seed I t's the goal for any new spirit or liqueur to surpass the classification of "hot new product" and become a backbar staple. By exploring its "Endless The Collins to Action is just one classic drink "modified" by Eben Freeman with PAMA. PAMAbilities" campaign, launched in early November 2010, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur should soon be finding its place among bartenders' go-to essentials. While pomegranate is a relatively new fruit flavor in the beverage industry, Eben Freeman, Director of Bar Operations and Innovation with the Altamarea Group, urges bartenders to look beyond the unique flavor pro- file and bold pink hue of PAMA to see the product for what it is—a necessary modifier for versatile mixologists. "All great modifiers aren't defined by their flavor. Making a pomegranate Margarita, a pomegranate Mojito—that makes sense, but it's time now to tran- scend the flavor," Freeman explained to an audience of Los Angeles–based bartenders, all members of the United States Bartenders Guild, at the O Hotel's Bar | Kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles. "People don't say that something is an 'orange-flavored Margarita' because it is made with Cointreau. Think of PAMA by Emily Steers / photos by Maria Schriber The O Hotel's Bar | Kitchen bartender Joe Swifka serves up a PAMA Collins to Action. akin to original grenadine, when it was made with all-natural pomegranate juice." Los Angeles is the fifth market visited by Freeman on behalf of PAMA Liqueur. Freeman also encourages bartenders to look beyond their own drink prefer- ences to see PAMA liqueur as a helping hand for cocktail consumers still getting acquainted with the burgeoning scene. "Don't underestimate the power of color in making a cocktail more approachable," said Freeman. "While you may like 'brown and stirred,' adding a touch of PAMA red will help you introduce a classic cocktail to a new audience." In addition, as Freeman further explained, "Pomegranate has tannins, and PAMA can add structure to the middle of a drink, without throwing off the sweetness or the balance." Introduced nationwide in 2005, PAMA has long led the pomegranate-cocktail trend with its delicate, balanced, sweet-tart flavor. The liqueur itself is 17% ABV, and a ruby-red blend of all-natural pomegranate juice, vodka, and a touch of tequila, factors which have given top mixologists plenty of room to play and which will continue to inspire future generations. 30 / the tasting panel / december 201 1

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