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our inbox LETTERS Self-Love vs Sensuality I have been reading Whole Life Times probably since it started and have loved the focus on the positive and the spiritual. The last few years, however, I have sensed a shift away from this into other areas. This was topped off by your cover on [the February/March] magazine. The main headline is "Reawaken Self Love"—what an awesome topic! This is something that could be a wonderful theme for the entire magazine. However, you placed this wording next to a very suggestive picture of a man and a woman. It infers to the unconscious (and for many, the conscious) mind that in order to reawaken self-love one must be in a sensual relationship. In our day and age when people are striving to truly fi nd themselves as individuals fi rst and as conscious, aware beings, this is truly disappointing. There is so much wonderful material on self that could have been demonstrated on your cover and you chose this. I am sorry that you have shifted into this arena. I have awakened my own self loving through being on my incredible Spiritual path for almost 45 years and have a wonderful circle of spirit beings in my life, (who fi nd self loving through self-growth, acceptance, awareness, loving, working our process, dealing with the Issues not by getting into a sensual relationship, but as an individual so that we can have supportive, loving, grace-fi lled relationships), so I do not need to be acknowledged for expressing my opinion. I'm sure many who are searching gain tremendous value each month from the wonderful endeavor you and the others are sharing with us. —Joya Shore, via email Degrees of Interest I am writing in regard to your cover article (February/March 2015) entitled "Reawakening Self Love." I am mentioned in the article and the title of L.Ac. or Licensed Acupuncturist should have been included in the section where you mention me and my work. In the state of California, an acupuncturist is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and is State Board Certifi ed. One cannot legally practice Chinese Medicine without board certifi cation. —Sandy Lee, L.Ac., Source Acupuncture & Wellness Ed reply: WLT regrets the omission. We love hearing from our readers! Please share your opinion and help shape future issues of Whole Life Times. Write to editor@wholelifemagazine.com. (Letters may be edited for space and clarity.) Leader in Natural Fiber, Eco-friendly, Garment Dyed Apparel Made in Los Angeles USE CODE WHOLELIFE AT CHECKOUT 20% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER AT TIANELLO.COM by S T E V E B A R R A Z A MADE IN US A april/may 2015 7

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