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Reviews continued from page 33 professional services directory California College of Natural Medicine CCNM is a non-profit 501c3 school, licensed to operate by the California Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education, offering both entry level and advanced continued education. We offer both online and residential professional trainings in a wide spectrum of energy medicine and holistic health. One of our strengths is our experienced staff and faculty! CCNM courses include: • Clinical Nutritionist • Holistic Health Practitioner (Neuro-Physical Reprogramming) • Naturopathic Practitioner • Nutraceutical Consul- tant • Homeopathic Endocrinology • Master Herbalist • Homeopathic Practitioner • Integrative Reflexology • Master Qigong Practitioner • Manual Holistic Medicine • Biological Dental Consultant • Practitioner Prerequisites 800.421.5027 www.cconm.com Training & Certifi cation Akashic Records Readings & Trainings with Barbara Schiffman, ARCT, C.Ht. Accelerate your spiritual and personal evolution by directly accessing the Akashic Records, your Soul's energy-archive of all lifetimes. Certified Advanced Teacher Barbara Schiffman leads Akashic Prac- titioner Trainings and Akashic Healing workshops utilizing Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process. Info: www.Meetup.com/AkashicLA "The combination of knowledge and power found in the Records activates the highest good of all." —Linda Howe, How to Read the Akashic Records Call for current schedule of Akashic Practitioner Certification Train- ings, Healing Through the Akashic Records weekends & other Akashic events in California (LA, Burbank, Irvine) & beyond. Private Readings and Life&Soul Coaching also available. 818.415.3479 www.YourLifeandSoul.com www.meetup.com/AkashicLA By Sally Wolfe I t's unusual for WLT to review fi ction, but this one will resonate with spiritual seekers. The protagonist's struggle to reconcile her yearning for the Divine with life in a human body will be familiar to many, but for anyone raised Catholic, it will be par- ticularly poignant. It's 1951 when Fiona leaves her close-knit, academic fami- ly and career behind to follow in the footsteps of her literary mentor, Thomas Merton. Caught up in the ecstasy of spiritual devotion, she's brought decidedly to earth by the rigidity of her religious superiors and a very earthly encounter with a vis- iting Jesuit priest. Thus begins her agonizing quest to fi nd her true calling: a worldly life with Father Woods or continuation as a "bride of Christ." Midway through Sister Bridget's (they get a new name when they take their vows) story, I began to wonder if there could possibly be a satisfying end to the book, and indeed, that is symptomatic of this nun's dilemma. She cannot discern how to reconcile her two pas- sions, especially in light of controversial chang- es coming from Rome via Vatican ll. Through Bridget's personal battle and be- hind the closed doors of two monasteries, the author offers a revealing picture of the cloistered religious life—the ordi- nary to the sublime—gleaned from her own spiritual search, including stints in Trappist and Benedictine monasteries. It was a compelling read for this once-upon-a-time Catholic. (Luminis Books) —Abigail Lewis Consolations A Novel AMERICAN REIKI ACADEMY - ALEXANDRA JULIANI LEARN TO HEAL WITH YOUR HANDS THROUGH REIKI Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing modality that uses "univer- sal life-force energy" to clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks for greater wellbeing and harmony. The American Reiki Acad- emy holds weekly classes in which anyone can become certified to practice Reiki for self-healing or healing others. Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani is a gifted healer, teacher, and clairaudient channel in direct lineage of Dr. Usui, original Reiki Grandmaster. With 25 years experience in Reiki, Ms. Juliani has trained thousands of people worldwide to become accomplished Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters. • REIKI I, II, & MASTERSHIP CLASSES • REIKI HEALING SESSIONS • REIKI PRACTICE CIRCLES 310-397-2405 AMERICAN REIKI ACADEMY Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani, M.A., Director www.reikiacademy.org april/may 2015 39

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