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5 STORAGE SOLUTIONS MARCH 2015 STORAGE SOLUTIONS is very important to me, and now my drives are outper- forming my computer system!" He also uses G-Tech's G-Dock ev, a two-bay Thun- derbolt enclosure that accepts 2.5-inch USB 3.0 drives. "I travel with it. And now I'm one of the first users of the G-Drive ev Raw and G-Drive ev ATC, which are not only compatible with my G-Dock, but also very impact resistant and perfect for carrying or shipping without stuffing a lot of bubblewrap around it," he says. Before installing his G-Tech solution, Laforet ran a "state-of-the-art" 7TB server in New York. "It was incredibly expensive, and I had to run air conditioning 24/7 in the summer," he says. "When I moved to LA I had to think about housing this 500-pound server, powering it and keeping it cold. I tried to give it away, and nobody would touch it! Now, I have two very quiet [G-Tech] units on my desk in New York and LA that require little power and generate little heat, and give me huge, extremely-fast drive power. "Data solutions should always be about redundancy and safety and that's what G-Tech affords me." Laforet is also pleased with his system's expansion possibilities. "I used to back up data to LTO tape for the long term, but it's not convenient when you want to restore data. I can just buy another 64TB drive if I need it, and it will be significantly faster and easier." ROHDE & SCHWARZ USER ROUNDABOUT ENTERTAINMENT Based in Burbank, Roundabout Entertainment (www. is a full-service post facility offer- ing online editorial; color correction; film restoration; Roundabout uses Rohde & Schwarz's Spycer (left) for data management.

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