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3 STORAGE SOLUTIONS MARCH 2015 STORAGE SOLUTIONS The 16Gb products will attract users requiring 4K and greater workflows. "We drive 4K workflows at line speed: close to 1,600MB/s. You need more than 1,200 for uncompressed 4K editing," Arvidson explains. "At NAB 2015 you'll see some demos of 8K workflows built around our 16-gig technologies. When I look at the transition from 4-gig to 8-gig and from 8-gig to 16, the latter is happening almost twice as fast. So the industry has really embraced 4K as part of the production workflow." Celerity 16Gb HBAs, which connect both worksta- tions and servers to storage, deliver high bandwidth and low latency. "The post industry has embraced our extremely low latency," says Arvidson. "Based on the way we control the flow of data we're able to get more data consistently out through our interfaces than other companies, which is very important for dealing with uncompressed formats." ATTO's MultiPath Director driver for Celerity HBAs enables workstations to be connected to high-performance storage without going through a server. "By reducing the path the data has to travel, we're able to do realtime uncom- pressed editing on enterprise storage," he explains. Desklink connects devices with Thunderbolt interfaces to storage and networks. "The power of the desk- top has shrunk to a small form factor as more and more people work on location and in the field," says Arvid- son. "Their devices have Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt-2 but no fiber channel connectivity. Desklink goes from the Thunderbolt interface into fiber channel, so devices used for location dailies or light ed- iting can interface with the rest of the post production infrastructure." Overall SAN connectivity performance can be achieved by combining the Celerity 16Gb HBA with a 1600 Series Switch. The switch offers simple installation and flexible growth options. The FiberBridge Storage Controller, an appliance with a fiber channel front end and SAS back end, deliv- ers "robust fiber channel infrastructure with lower-cost SAS storage arrays behind it," Arvidson explains. "For those building media asset management stations, these storage controllers provide linkage to larger-scale virtualized storage. Metro clustering technology allows connectivity between storage groups in different cities enabling shared storage through a fiber channel SAN so people can work on the same content." All of the Celerity 16Gb products are shipping now. One of the first customers for them is a major feature film post house, Arvidson reports. JMR ELECTRONICS JMR Electronics, Inc. ( will debut its new Lightning Thunderbolt-2 products at NAB. They include Thunderbolt-2 to PCIe expansion with a single PCIe slot and dual PCIe slot desktop units; four PCIe slots in a desktop/rackmount unit; four slots and an 8-drive RAID system using hot swappable, small form factor drives; and four slots and an 8-drive RAID plus convenient mounting for an Apple Mac Pro in the same unit. "We released our original Thunderbolt product two ATTO offers a complete family of fiber channel products to address varied workflow. JMR's solutions recognize Apple's role in post workflows.

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