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10 STORAGE SOLUTIONS MARCH 2015 STORAGE SOLUTIONS IMAGINE & SONY PARTNER ON ARCHIVING SOLUTION INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Imagine Products has partnered with Sony to deliver a new archiving solution for Mac users. Imagine's LTFS archiving application, PreRoll Post, is designed to be used in conjunction with Sony's Optical Disc Archive. This single user archiving solution employs USB 3.0 and checksum technology to deliver high-quality archiving results. PreRoll Post is an LTFS archiving application that creates thumbnails, proxies and rich metadata while backing up files and folders to multiple locations simul- taneously. Checksum technology ensures that the files and folders are copied 100 percent accurately. Users simply drag and drop files and folders into the queue for copying to the disc. Sony's Optical Disc Archive uses blu-ray discs to store large volumes of files safely and securely. The USB 3.0 drive plugs directly into compatible Mac computers. File and folders are stored on a 12-disc cartridge, for more than 18TBs of uncompressed data with fast random file access. "PreRoll Post builds upon Imagine's expertise in easy to install and use media management software geared toward the media industry," explains Dan Montgomery, president of Imagine Products. "The ODA from Sony is really an incredible piece of hardware. It provides the user the ability to use the 12-disc cartridge function as a single, unified volume. You combine that with PreRoll Post and you're looking at a secure, reliable LTFS ar- chiving solution." PreRoll Post is priced at $499 and is available at the Imagine Website ( The Optical Disc Archive (ODSD77U) is priced at $8,600 and is available from Sony ( GENER8 RELIES ON ASPERA TO MANAGE LARGE FILES VANCOUVER — With credits includ- ing Jupiter Ascending, Guardians of the Galaxy and Maleficent, Gener8 is a leader in 3D stereo conver- sion services for the entertain- ment industry. To help filmmakers manage the flow of digital assets between visual effects vendors, Gener8 developed a cloud-based asset management system that it also uses internally to move media files between vendors and through each stage of processing. Based in Vancouver, BC, Gener8 needed a mechanism to effectively move full-length video files to and from major studios, mostly located in Los Angeles, and to integrate with the asset management platform to facilitate fast collaboration between vendors. Network latency between Van- couver and Hollywood — typically 36-38 milliseconds — caused slow file transfers, delaying content delivery and extending production timelines. Working with studios' high-value content also presented a security issue. Many vendors were unwilling to use SFTP due to its lack of security and inability to transfer large files over the wide area net- work at satisfactory speeds. Gener8 turned to Aspera, select- ing the Aspera Connect Server to manage media file transfers from ingest through project completion and delivery to clients. Gener8 uses Aspera to pull in VFX composites and associated elements from VFX houses. After files are uploaded and ingested into the pipeline, Gener8 outsources pieces of the projects to third-party vendors, giving each an Aspera login so they can upload and download files through the As- pera Connect Web-browser plug-in. Aspera's integration within Gener8's asset management API allows Gener8 to automate file movement through each step of the process while tracking each project's progress through the pipeline. For major projects, VFX houses set up automated trans- fers to send content to Gener8's Aspera server, which triggers automated processing. Throughout the process, Gener8 enforces max- imum encryption, while Aspera's built-in security features — like SSH authentication and data integrity verification — deliver safe content. "Aspera is the piece that ties all of us together," says Jason Navar- ro, IT manager at Gener8. "It's the highway for our clients' assets. And it's the only thing they're com- fortable with us using within our vendor and client networks."

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