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Page 5 of 51 4 POST MARCH 2015 BITS & PIECES NVIZAGE PROVIDES PREVIS FOR KINGSMAN LONDON — Nvizage ( is an independent previsualization company that con- tributes to both film and television projects. The studio has been supporting major film produc- tions for over a decade, including Snow White and the Huntsman, Hugo, Wrath of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland and The Dark Knight. Most recently, Nvizage provided previs services for the spy/action film, Kingsman: The Secret Service. CG veterans Nic Hatch and Martin Chamney founded Nvizage back in 2003. A director and pre- vis supervisor, Chamney studied electronic imaging at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art before starting his career as a computer animator in Soho in 1993. After six years working in commercials and broadcast sectors, he joined Mill Film in 2000 to work as a digital artist. There he contributed to Cats and Dogs, Black Hawk Down, Harry Potter 1 and 2, and K-19. After a year of previs and sequence su- pervision on Troy at MPC in 2002, he joined Hatch in the forming of Nvizage. The studio's work on Kingsman included three key scenes: the high-altitude, low-opening (HALO) parachute jump, Roxy in space, and the film's open- ing helicopter shot. Nvizage's previs CG assets were based on military parachutists. Maya's fluid system was used to create realistic clouds that whip past the camera, suggesting great speed. Long lenses also help enahnce the action. FOR MORE ON "PREVIS," TURN TO OUR FEATURE ON PAGE 24. RAIDIX PARTNERS WITH AIC ON CLUSTER-IN-A-BOX STANSSTAD, SWITZERLAND — RAIDIX (www.raidix. com) the high performance SAN and NAS storage software development company, has partnered with AIC, the provider of off-the-shelf and OEM storage solutions to introduce a fully-redundant and fault-tol- erant cluster-in-a-box solution. The AIC HA401-CP2 storage server will be on display at NAB in Las Vegas and features an Intel server board, which supports the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600/E5-2600 V.2 product family. When installed with RAIDIX software, the performance of the processors is maximized. The HA401-CP2 comes with built-in dual LSI SAS 2x36 SAS expanders and PCIe Gen3 slots. LSI's 9300-8i HBA adds internal 12Gb/s SAS and 6Gb/s SATA connectivity across eight lanes of PCIe 3.0 connectivity. Together, they provide high-perfor- mance throughput that eliminates bottlenecks. To scale for high-performance storage, AIC's 2U24Bay 12Gb/s JBOD J2024-01 and LSI 9300-8e 12Gb/s SAS host bus adapters can be added. When running RAIDIX software, no additional expensive modules are required to provide fast failover and data integrity. Everything is implemented on a software level. By controlling all disk operations, RAIDIX uses the fastest disks in the array when performing read and write operations, and eliminates disk latency factors. Data integrity and triple parity RAID guar- antees performance even if three drives fail. FOR MORE NAB PRODUCT NEWS, TURN TO PAGE 40. AND CHECK OUT OUR "STORAGE SUPPLEMENT" FOR THE LATEST REPORT ON THAT SEGMENT.

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