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DaVinci Resolve 11 now adds professional nonlinear editing to the world's most powerful color grading system! Native Camera RAW DaVinci Resolve works natively with all major RAW formats! Featuring the industry's most advanced de-bayer algorithms, Resolve preserves every detail captured by the camera's sensor. That means you can adjust exposure, shadows, highlights and mid-tones long after the camera stops rolling! With Resolve, you can create looks that simply aren't possible on other systems. The native RAW workflow means your final masters are literally first generation renders from camera original files! Scalable Power Hollywood's leading studios choose DaVinci Resolve because it handles incredibly high resolution images and massive amounts of data easily on super tight deadlines. Resolve is scalable and works on laptop's up to massive multi GPU systems connected to shared storage. Whether you're working on HD, 4K or beyond, DaVinci Resolve has the power, performance and creative tools you need to get the job done! Integrated Editing and Grading DaVinci Resolve 11 gives you professional editing and color correction all in one system so you can move between editing and grading with a click of the mouse! No more importing, exporting, or conforming ever again! Teams can have multiple colorists and assistants working with an editor on the same sequence at the same time! You get a true nonlinear workflow that lets you edit, grade and finish faster than ever before! Professional Nonlinear Editing DaVinci Resolve's multi track timeline lets you quickly ripple, roll, slip, slide, extend and shorten edits. The context sensitive trim tool changes automatically based on the position of the mouse to make editing faster! Dynamic JKL trimming works on multiple tracks and can be done in the same direction or asymmetrically. Whether you use the mouse or keyboard, Resolve is easy to learn and has all of the tools professional editors need! data easily on super tight deadlines. Resolve is scalable and works on laptop's up DAVINCI RESOLVE 11 LITE Free download with unlimited nodes. Supports 1 GPU. Free Download DAVINCI RESOLVE 11 SOFTWARE Full Resolve with unlimited nodes and multiple GPUs. Use 3rd party control panels. $995 DAVINCI RESOLVE 11 Full Resolve with colorist control surface for the most advanced facilities. $29,995 DaVinci Resolve 11 combines the world's most advanced color corrector with professional multi track editing so now you can edit, color correct, fi nish and deliver all from one system! With its legendary image quality, real-time GPU accelerated performance, and support for more wide dynamic range RAW formats than any other system, DaVinci Resolve has the creative tools professional editors and colorists need to work on Hollywood's most demanding projects!

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