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For some added insight, we caught up with a few of the previous Broker's Bowler Cup winners. Learn more about them, their experiences and what they have to say to the new batch of entrants below—time to take note! Throwing in some advice of their own, the Dawson brothers add: "While we are thrilled by the level of creativity our contestants show year after year, we really value replicability in the cocktails. Rare infusions and home-made syrups are great at building buzz, but at the end of the day, we want to be able to give the recipes to a bartender anywhere and have him or her make the cocktail." Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you in the Big Easy this July! Martin and Andy Dawson, founders of Broker's Gin at last year's Tales of the Cocktail. PHOTO: SCOTT MYERS Where are you working now? Still currently running the bar program at Union Sushi & BBQ Bar in Chicago, IL. A nice glass of Broker's with our house tonic and fresh lime. Still riding the "England's First Love Affair" train. I like to make a White Negroni using Broker's Gin, Suze and Lillet. Well, it's a lot easier to sell the Smoke and Mirrors! People love winners! It has certainly helped me get my name out there, slowly but surely. Life has been good since winning my region. A lot of people have actually recog- nized me at the bar from the write up in THE TASTING PANEL. It's definitely nice being recognized for my achievements! I'd say meeting the wonderful people with Broker's, THE TASTING PANEL and Hood River. The best part of my Broker's Bowler Cup experience was making it to Tales of the Cocktail for the first time. As a bartender or anyone in the industry for that matter, it's definitely something that needs to be seen and experienced. This experience encour- aged me, along with my restaurant staff, to continue pursuing "art behind the bar," and it reminded us that what we do truly is appreciated. The best part of the experience was at Tales in the tasting room making my cocktail for everyone. I learned a lot that day for future competitions and it was just plain fun! Make sure people know that your drink is the best! Smile and just be happy you're there. Bring extra tins too . . . that always helps. Also, if you have a significant other, bring them. They can do much needed legwork and keep you calm when you're faced with hundreds of thirsty voters. Keep it simple, and create something that can appeal to everybody. Create your cocktail recipe with simplexity. Not only is a simple cocktail more marketable, but, it is also easier and faster to produce! Use ingredients that go a "long way" to save you in the "long run." Don't hold back! Be creative with your cocktail and name. Make sure it all ties in together! Whisler's and Mezcalería Tobalá—a small mezcal tasting bar above Whisler's in Austin, TX. Chato Brasserie in Chattanooga, TN. Currently, I am bartending at The Chestnut Club in Santa Monica, CA. Current favorite Broker's Gin cocktail? How has your life changed since becoming a Broker's Bowler Cup winner? Looking back, what was the best part of your Broker's Bowler Cup experience? What advice do you have to bartenders looking to enter this year? 2014 Central region winner Adam Staniszeski. 2014 South region winner and Broker's Bowler Cup Champion, Brett Esler. 2013 East region win- ner Lauren-Taylor Axt. 2014 West region win- ner Gordon Alatorre. PHOTO: SCOTT MYERS PHOTO: SCOTT MYERS PHOTO: ROB BROWN PHOTO: SCOTT MYERS While gin can be very versa- tile, l prefer to mix the spirit with virtuous intent. Today's gin specialty? A Gimlet. It is amazing how sales increase when you can iden- tify a cocktail or artist with the title, "award-winning."

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